Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Hey People,

So a granny dies at the art museum and her family only cares about who gets the dead granny's money.

Turns out Henry met this old lady before and it's because of her that he proposed to Abigail at the same art museum, which is why he didn't want to go there to investigate the murder, which turned out not to be a murder at all, but a suicide. She just wanted to die in front of the painting.

On the moving front, Henry opens up to Martinez and tells her Abigail's name. One small step for man. Martinez also calls Henry her partner.

This is a start of a beautiful partnership. What type of partnership is still up for debate.

Wow, this was an excellent episode. I wasn't expecting any of it and I seriously made a "ohh damn face" when the fire trucks collided.

But before I get into that drama can I just add I'm loving the Molly's II side story. I'm writing a business plan for a food truck business for class and it's interesting to see what they did and compare it to what I did. Speaking of side stories, Peter Mills meets his grandfather and looks like a start of a beautiful friendship.

Okay back to the drama Truck 66 are some sexiest pigs, who blame everyone, but themselves. Even when you try to be nice to them, they're *sses. For a second, I thought Cruz was going to do something drastic or Truck 66 was going to seek revenge, but who's to say they won't since, in the end, it was their fault.

Severide is still afraid of hospitals and still isn't fully back to normal as of yet. Newhouse became a partner of Molly's II. And two drastic things that you will notice tonight is Dawson as a firefighter and Peter Mills as a paramedic due to Dawson and Casey agreeing not to marry and Peter Mills having a vertigo problem.

They got money and guns now. Trust in The Machine, if not Samaritan will surely kill us all.

Reese decided to do his job and actually solve cases, while forming a bond with his sexy new boss lady. It just so happened that his last case led to the irrelevant number.

Finch went with Root even though he was hesitant to trust in The Machine again, but in the end it's because The Machine believed in Harold that they were able to secure weapons and guns for their irrelevant missions.

Fusco went on a fun mission that involved him being a client of a "Hitch". The nice part is he actually did end up meeting someone and she's not bad looking either.

Shaw always has Fusco's back and was there watching over him the whole time.

So now that they have money and weapons, the fun really begins.

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