Sunday, October 26, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (21)

Sakiko: This zipper is so annoying.
Natsue: Do you need help?
Sakiko: No, I think I can manage.
Natsue: You’re distant. You’re never distant.
Sakiko: Well maybe I’m just tired of following you like a dog.
Natsue: I’m… so… sorry.
Sakiko: Don’t cry Natsue. I never want to see you cry.
Natsue: I’m a horrible Servant and I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve Master Itoe either.
Sakiko: You’re one of the best—no, you are the best Servant I know. You talked to me when no other Servant did. That makes you one of a kind. That’s why I fought for you so much.
Natsue: Fought. I’ve missed you.
Sakiko: You have?
Natsue: Of course. We both have.
Sakiko: When you say we, you mean you and Itoe, right?
Natsue: She misses you too.
Sakiko: I find that hard to believe. Like I said before, I can manage the zipper by myself.
Sakiko: You can go, Natsue.
Natsue: Do you hate me that much?
Sakiko: I can never hate you Natsue. I just… don’t understand you. Do you want me as your Master?
Natsue: I do.
Sakiko: Then why would you kiss Itoe?
Natsue: What?
Sakiko: I saw you on the train kissing Itoe.
Natsue: On the train?
Sakiko: Yes, I saw it with my own eyes.
Natsue: …! Oh, that kiss!
Sakiko: How many kisses have you had with her?
Natsue: That wasn’t a kiss.
Sakiko: It seemed like one to me.
Natsue: It was… I mean… it didn’t count.
Sakiko: I think I would count that one.
Natsue: The train suddenly stopped and I was about to fall over. Master Itoe caught me.
Sakiko: With her mouth?
Natsue: That was an accident. I could have been hurt, but I wasn’t because Master Itoe protected me.
Sakiko: With her mouth?
Natsue: Master Sakiko, I don’t count it as kiss and neither should you.
Sakiko: Ever since then, all I could think about was that moment. I wanted to do the right thing and report you and Itoe, but I couldn’t hurt you. I don’t ever want to hurt you.
Natsue: You hurt me every time you ignore me. <Zipped> You’re right, it was a kiss, but a kiss doesn’t count unless it was intended. You look great.
Sakiko: Thanks.
Natsue: I do want you as my Master, but I want Master Itoe as my Master, as well.
Sakiko: You can’t have us both.
Natsue: I know. Is it selfish of me to wish I could?
Sakiko: No, it would be weirder if you didn’t.
Natsue: I’m glad Kimiko made me come in here.
Sakiko: I’m glad she did, too.
Natsue: She’ll make a great True Servant.
Sakiko: She will; I wish I could say the same for Megumi. I think I’ll buy it.
Natsue: I’ll be right outside if you need me.
Anika: We need to talk.
Kimi: Later. I’m waiting for Natsue to come out of the changing room.
Anika: Am I not a Servant?
Kimi: How can I help you Anika?
Anika: By deciding who you want.
Kimi: Why did you invite us?
Anika: To see your true colors. And now I know.
Kimi: You know nothing. The only competition you have is with yourself.
Anika: If that were true than why would you lie to me?
Kimi: What?
Anika: You lied. Master Rumi didn’t invite me. She invited you.
Anika: You can’t even deny it.
Kimi: How?
Anika: When a Master comes for a Servant in a classroom during break, it’s kind of hard not to eavesdrop.
Kimi: So you already knew.
Anika: But why did you lie?
Kimi: Does it matter. All you need to know is Master Rumi wants you, not me.
Anika: If that were true, then why did she come to you for help?
Kimi: I don’t know.
Anika: Another lie.
Kimi: I don’t! It doesn’t matter anyway. I’m already taken.
Anika: You don’t have the guts to tell her. Don’t be selfish. You can’t have them both.
Kimi: Who said I wanted both?

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