Sunday, October 26, 2014

Constantine Pilot Review

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So I watched Constantine and let me just say I knew nothing about this not even that it's a DC comic although I could have guessed that. I didn't see the movie that came out years ago either. I'm not even sure that they're connected. I just know they have the same name. Anyway so I thought this show was meh. What does this mean? Let me explain.

Summary: A man's soul is damned to hell and he dedicates his time to saving other's souls. Why? I have no idea.

So we start off on the show with Constantine in an asylum because he wants to believe what "normal" people believe--demons don't exist. Well we know how long that lasted. He gets a message, maybe from Liv's father. I mean, who else would send him a message, a demon? He owes a debt and wants to see it through. This is how Liv and Constantine meet. We also meet Chas twice since he died and came back to life. Once the demon that was after Liv was dead, it was the end of the episode and that's when we see a young girl drawing away on her paper, Zed.

Okay so let's get into the real debate about this show and why it became meh to me. I was actually shocked at the end when Liv decided to not join them on their quest save souls. Many viewers have either liked this decision or didn't. I'm on the didn't side. Apparently, the creators decided to move in another direction for the show. I agree with a commenter that said Liv was our POV. We can't come in with Constantine, he knows everything already. I think it's crucial to have a newbie as a main because you get to see them grow.

If you don't believe me, here are some examples. Person of Interest--Finch hires John to be the protector of irrelevant numbers. On that show it started out with just 2 guys, but now it's 2 guys and 2 girls working together. I don't understand why they couldn't do the same for Constantine. Even Human Target tried to bring in girls, which most people think is what caused their cancellation, but I put the blame on the fact that they tried to bring in a love interest for him. Totally wasn't necessary. He was a James Bond type--new girl every week--and I liked it that way. Once Upon A Time--the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming doesn't know her parents or that her magical story has just begun. And it doesn't have to be people meeting the first time, sometimes it can be people working together for the first time. Supernatural--Sam and Dean team up together and fight demons. All I'm saying is the viewer needs a newbie so we have someone to connect with and can ask questions for us because they only know as much we know.

As for the naysayers, well they're saying nay because they think the actress who plays Liv is a bad actress and thought the show could do without her. I'm serious, too. The only reason they didn't want the character Liv on the show was the actress. This argument doesn't negate the argument that I just made because if you get an actress that can act (to their standards), then they wouldn't care. I didn't even think she was bad and the whole time I was trying to figure out where I knew her from and it was only when I looked at the cast list and saw her history that I figured out from where. So this leads us to...

Cast: Matt Ryan his first big break, Harold Perrinrau (Lost), and Charles Halfors and Angelica Celaya, who was the drawer at the end of the episode, have both been around the block, but this their big break to shine. Then there's who should have been a main Lucy Griffiths (True Blood).

Judgement: As of right now I will continue to monitor this show even though I think they made a huge mistake by not having Liv stick around. I thought maybe she might double-back on the road and change her mind, but that doesn't seem like it will happen. Someone who obviously had read the comic said she wasn't necessary, but I beg to differ. We'll see how having Zed on the show for more than 3 seconds will change the game. I'll let you know, if it's worth keeping. However, rating wise it isn't off to a great start, but it's not bad either. So wait until you hear from me.

Diary: Nope.

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