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I've decided not to do a recap for Castle because I think the point of a recap is to remember what happened the week before. I don't know why everyone does a recap the night of the show. I just watched it. I don't need a recap of something I just watched. Reviews are different though, they're more opinionated so at least I get the perspective of the writer. I'll recap Castle, next week when they have a new episode.

Omg I love this show. It's so cute. My favorite thing is listening to the narrator. He just makes everything sound sexy.

Okay so this whole episode is about Jane not being a virgin anymore, which is fine. But here's a question, if she isn't a virgin anymore than doesn't that change the whole premise of the show? Thinking too far ahead I know, anyway Jane may be starting to have feelings for Rafael, but she originally shrugs it off as hormones. Eventually, she admits it to herself and figures maybe it's not the best time to be rushing into it. But many things were happening while Jane was trying to figure out her feelings.

Michael was dealing with Petra by stealing her scarf from the crime scene and is now being blackmailed by her to help her not be a person of interest because she wasn't where she said she was during the murder of Zaz.

Petra + affair = divorce = Michael + baby

Xo is dealing with Jane's baby daddy, who seems like an idiot to me so thank god it didn't rub off on Jane. Rafael put it together that Petra was Zaz's girlfriend. Thank god he's not an idiot. Rafael's sister, Luisa, is still being sued by Jane and had a very pleasant meeting with her, which was very short as she got another waiter for them. Luisa is still sexing her step-mother and almost got caught by her father. Man that family is crazy and I have to admit, I love watching.

That song in the middle of the show really threw me for a loop. For some reason I was more focused on the fact g-ma spoke English. the marriage is next week and we all know that ain't happening anytime soon, at least that's what I think. No fireflies were hurt during the making of this episode. LOL, they are killing me.

Okay this is the 2nd time I'm saying this, but can someone tell Ben McKenzie to get his conviction right. I swear, sometimes he makes his character mad for  no reason. I seriously say to myself why are you saying that line so angry? And while I'm critiquing, I might as well mention that the writers really need to give Barbara something better to do than just annoy the audience with her "Tell me the truth Gordon, I just want the truth". With that being said let's get to it.

Okay I thought I was done critiquing, but I'm not. One more thing, spirit of the goat? You really couldn't come up with a better name? Whatever, so Bullock worked on a case 10 years ago on this goatman, but then wasn't too sure he got the right guy when he saw that penny in the head, something him and his partner back then never told anyone about. So this wasn't a copycat, but a partner of the guy 10 years ago. It turns out that theory was wrong also because things weren't adding up. Bullock then notices a clutch of the hand from the murderer and remembers a sexy therapist also taught clutching of the hand to her patients. Bullock was actually being a detective for once. What a rare moment to witness. Anyway, the therapist was behind it all because she thought the 1% were poison to Gotham and needed to be taught a lesson that they are not safe. Again, I have to side with the villain on this. You know what if I was a character on Gotham, I would totally be a villain and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Bruce, Alfred, and Cat were around, but they really had a pointless scenes. Mooney was MIA and so was everyone in the mafia except for Penguin. He was with his mother for most of the episode and wasn't relevant until he showed up and the precinct when Gordon and Bullock were being arrested. And now it seems like Bullock is going to kill Gordon for not killing Penguin. Oh almost forgot, glad that Nygma was actually part of the show for once. His bit was pretty funny. I want to see more of him.

I called everything in this episode. I knew it was Dembe in the beginning. I knew the lady would kill herself and her son in the tub. I knew Red would kill the guy in charge. I knew Liz was keeping Tom as a prisoner. I actually would have liked it if it wasn't Tom at all, but maybe Red's ex-wife, but there was too much foreshadowing leading up to it. Nothing in this episode surprised me and they lied about this being the episode to talk about. I'm pretty sure everyone already knew.

The case-of-the-week was weird. I guess I could say nice dolls, but that's about it. A family was killing cartels and the mastermind behind it was the father, who was just using people all over the place including the cartels, but it was never about the money. I wasn't really into this case to be honest and hopefully this episode tonight will focus on Tom.

Almost forgot to say Ressler is a junkie and now you are caught up. Also, Peter Fonda!

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