Thursday, December 25, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (24)

Sakiko: Help me!
Rumi: No.
Sakiko: Help me!!
Rumi: No!
Sakiko: But you’re my best friend.
Rumi: So now you want to say it.
Sakiko: (smiles)
Rumi: ……Okay, I’ll help you. Hand some over.
Sakiko: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here’s some for you too Anika.
Rumi: Wait a minute you asked for my help not Anika’s.
Sakiko: Well, she is a Servant.
Rumi: Yea, and she’s also a person so ask her.
Sakiko: Fine. Anika would you mind helping me carry my bags.
Anika: No problem. A friend of Master Rumi’s is a friend of mine.
Sakiko: Thank you, friend. See Rumi, now why can’t you act more like Anika?
Rumi: Because she’s nice and I’ve known you longer.
Natsue: I can carry some if you need some extra hands.
Sakiko: Oh no no no no. That’s okay Natsue. This is nothing. Besides you’re already carrying your own bags.
Natsue: Yes, but I have a hand free.
Sakiko: Honestly, it’s fine.
Natsue: If you’re sure. Do you mind if we stop in here? I usually find good clothes at a reasonable price.
Sakiko: Sure that’s fine. Rumi, let’s make another stop here.
Rumi: Sure, but you’re staying out here. Any more bags and you won’t be able to walk.
Sakiko: Nonsense. I do this to my driver all the time and he walks just fine with them.
Rumi: I feel bad for your driver.
Sakiko: But you’re right. I’ll stay out here Natsue. I don’t think I need any more clothes, at least not today.
Natuse: I understand.
Rumi: I’ll stay out here with you.
Anika: Me too.
Natsue: I guess I’m the only one then. I won’t take long.
Rumi: So Sakiko, what’s with you not letting Natsue help carry your bags?
Sakiko: I don’t want her to think I need help for every little thing. We just got back on track and I don’t want to ruin it.
Rumi: But she’s your friend. I don’t think it’ll ruin anything.
Sakiko: I don’t want to take any chances.
Rumi: What do you think Anika?
Anika: Me?
Rumi: Yea what do you think?
Anika: I think as a Servant, it’s part of our duty to serve.
Rumi: But as a friend, what do you think?
Anika: A friend?
Rumi: Yea.
Anika: I think… a friend wouldn’t think twice about not helping.
Rumi: See Sakiko, Anika agrees with me.
Rumi: You better not be window shopping.
Sakiko: That dress is calling my name. Sakiko…Sakiko…Sakiko.
Rumi: Look away Sakiko. Look away.
Sakiko: I could probably use it for our next outing.
Rumi: Sakiko!
Sakiko: Ahh! Sorry, it’s so much easier when you have a driver and a car.
Rumi: Anika, can you go in and ask Natsue to hurry up?
Anika: Yes, Master Rumi.
Sakiko: No, no don’t do that Anika.
Rumi: I know you Sakiko. You have that look.
Sakiko: What look?
Rumi: The “I want it look”.
Sakiko: Oh really? Well you have that same look anytime you see Kim…Kim…kimchi.
Anika: You like Korean food Master Rumi?
Rumi: Ummm…you can say that.
Anika: I’ll remember that. Do you still want me to go in?
Rumi: Yes, please. I have something to talk about with Sakiko anyway. (Gives Sakiko a mean look)
Sakiko: (fake smiles)
Anika: As you wish, Master Rumi.
Rumi: What’s wrong with you?
Sakiko: Sorry about that.
Rumi: It’s fine. At least, you covered yourself. Kimchi huh?
Sakiko: It was the only thing I could think of. It worked didn’t it?
Rumi: I guess it did. I really want this to work with Anika.
Sakiko:  Really? You never told me about what you and Kimiko talked about.
Anika: Do you like anything in particular?
Natsue: Not yet and the clothes I do want are out of my price range. Did you change your mind?
Anika: Oh no, Master Rumi asked me to come in and tell you Master Sakiko is not going to last much longer.
Natsue: Oh sorry. I didn’t think I was in here that long.
Anika: It’s fine. Master Rumi would probably say take your time. She’s nice like that.
Natsue: Master Rumi is very nice.
Anika: (smiles) She is.
Natsue: I’m glad you’re smiling.
Anika: It’s nice to have a reason to. We should go. The Masters are waiting.
Natsue: Master Sakiko won’t let me carry her bags.
Natsue: I may be book smart but I can do other things as well. I am a Servant after all.
Anika: Master Sakiko thinks very highly of you. You know that.
Natsue: How did you know? Even the True Servant doesn’t know who to choose.
Anika: She’s not the True Servant yet.
Natsue: You’re right.
Anika: Sorry. I just… Sakiko: Oh really? Well you have that same look anytime you see Kim…Kim………..KIMIKO!  I knew. I just knew.
Natsue: When I’m around Master Itoe, I feel like myself. I feel like I’m talking to my best friend.
Anika: That doesn’t sound bad.
Natsue: But it shouldn’t be that way. With Master Sakiko, I feel more of the Master/Servant relationship, which is the way it should be, but in both cases, they don’t treat me as a Servant. I am a Servant and I take pride that I am Servant and all I’m asking is to be one.
Anika: You’re asking the wrong girl.
Sakiko: Do I have to beg?
Rumi: Everything has changed.
Sakiko: You promised me.
Rumi: She turned me down.
Sakiko: As in rejected?
Rumi: Yes.
Sakiko: As in you got rejected?
Rumi: You have a way with words.
Sakiko: Kimiko rejected you?
Rumi: Every time you say it, it hurts a little bit more.
Sakiko: Servant Kimiko rejected Master Rumi?
Rumi: Okay that’s enough.
Sakiko: I’m sorry I just can’t wrap my head around it. It doesn’t make sense.
Rumi: It makes perfect sense to me.
Sakiko: No, I’m not wrong.
Rumi: Just forget it okay? Anika is a great Servant. I will be fine.
Sakiko: No, this has Megumi written all over it. She must have something on Kimiko.
Rumi: Let it go Sakiko. We have to move on. I need to move on.
Sakiko: So you’re going to let Megumi win?
Rumi: I already lost and now it’s time to move on.
Sakiko: Is this what you want?
Rumi: The Servants are coming.
Sakiko: We’ll finish this conversation later. Did you guys find anything?
Natsue: No, but that’s okay.
Rumi: So what do you want to do next Anika?
Anika: I’m not sure Master Rumi.
Sakiko: Onto the next clothing store.
Rumi: When will you learn?

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