Thursday, February 5, 2015

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Welcome The Blacklist to the Thursday lineup.

S1 E10
Seeing everyone on edge actually made this a better episode than the midseason finale for me. Everyone was interviewed by the police telling their side of the story of what happened the night Mr. Keating went "missing".

Connor and Michaela were about to crack to save themselves, but when Annalise told them she was in on it, they settled down and complied to her wishes. Now everyone knows the truth, including Frank.

Rebecca along with the other guy, who was the victim's boyfriend, was cleared of all charges. Why did the prosecution office go after Rebecca and him so hard I will never know.

Now there is a new player in the game--Sam Keating's sister. It looks to me that she with be a thorn in Annalise's plan.

Did anyone else love how Annalise used their predicament as the test question? Maybe she'll get some good answers back and she can use them. If not, does that mean everyone fails?

S2 E9
So what did we learn last Sunday? Well for one thing, Cooper can't keep a secret. We don't negotiate with terrorists. What doesn't he understand? Secondly, how dumb is the government for putting the most dangerous information and the most dangerous terrorists in the same place? That's just a fail automatically.

Anyway, Red goes to a nonexistent prison to go after Luther (our number of the week). Luther is searching for the Fulcrum (Chuck anyone?), which is a blackmail list that could expose the most powerful people and he thinks the information at the site can lead him to it. This is what Red has been using as leverage against this mysterious group, but now the group is questioning if Red ever had it at all. Just in case you don't know, he doesn't have it, but he needs to get it so he can go back to being untouchable. Somehow Liz is the key to it, we just don't know why yet, but it does involve a fire which is most likely how Liz and Red have burns.

The mystery group sends a missile to take out everyone at the prison, which is pretty smart of them. Kill everyone there, then no one gets the info leading back to them. Liz gets caught and Red risks his life to save her, yet again. I swear she gets caught all the time, actually they all do. Anyway, Luther figures out who Liz is and Liz is hesitant to pull the trigger on him because she wants to know too. Then BOOM goes the dynamite.

I have to say when I watched this live, I was half asleep and thought it wasn't that great of an episode to air after the Super Bowl, but as I re-watched it, I thought it wasn't half bad. Still not as great as I would have liked it, but not as bad as I originally thought. We'll see if the Super Bowl had any effect on The Blacklist in the coming weeks.

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