Sunday, February 1, 2015

Reign S2 E12 Diary

Dear Diary,

The queen of mistresses is back at the castle and already Diane is causing a stir with her talk. Bash has been granted some land of DB Sr. and he has given some to his mother so she could return. Bash you meant good, but you're an idiot. I overheard Claude and Bash's conversation. Claude wants Bash to get to the bottom of the death of the twins. My money is on Catherine doing it herself since she's capable of it ever since she's gone insane and I keep catching her talking to herself. I swear I thought she would quit doing that last week, but nope, girl is still at it. I'm starting to really get sick of it.

DB Sr. has really been a good boy lately ever since he was caught embezzling from the King. Now he can't hurt no one, but I can't help but wonder if he has something up his sleeves. He wouldn't just let the King take what he's worked/stole for

There is talk that one of Mary's ladies, Greer, and her husband helped fund the attack on the castle. If that's true, off with her head then. I really liked her too.

Another party that I'm not invited and yet have to clean up afterwards. Oh how I love my job. Conde and Francis seem to be at odds with one another and took to battling each other. I think everyone knew why they were fighting. They weren't exactly being discreet about it.

I heard the nanny killed the twins by neglecting them, In her defense, King Henry was the cause of her neglect. Henry really needed to stop banging the help. The nanny said the window blew open, but as a servant in this castle, I know that's impossible unless someone opened them. So who opened it?

It shouldn't be a surprise that Greer was found guilty. Girl is poorer than me now. Okay, now I feel bad for her.

Luv ya,

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