Thursday, May 7, 2015

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S2 E20
I kind of hated the number-of-the-week last week. Every country has their traditions, but I just don't get what's wrong dying without a spouse or someone of the opposite-sex beside you. It was one of the weaker numbers, but it seems like it was an introduction to a badder number yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile, Red got his info he needed from a member of The Cabal with the help of Samar. I was kind of half-ass watching this, but when Samar set the man free that got my undivided attention. Once they were in the car talking, I knew it was all a big ruse to get him to talk. Samar is loyal that's for sure. Although, it would have been great if she was a triple agent (she's already a double agent).

Liz is still trying to find out information about her mother and Red isn't planning to tell her anytime soon. Red admits to having Liz's memories erased and something tells me he had to for her to survive. Maybe she couldn't handle seeing her father die and this was the only way for her to cope. We learn that Liz's mother was Russian and so is she. Who would of thunk it? The fact that Liz is already crying up a storm (see what I did there?) already means Red was right to erase her memories. She obviously can't deal. She runs in the arms of her ex-husband, Tom. Seriously, can he get on a boat now and start sailing North.

It seems like The Cabal have their inside man now--Cooper. Sad thing is he didn't even know he was going to be. They have so much dirt on him because of what he's done this past season and what his wife did last episode with the whole leaking government information to the press, they can blackmail him until the day he dies. I wonder how Cooper is going get out of this one.

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P.S. There is a funny theory going around that Red is Liz's mother. It would be an interesting twist that I would never have seen coming that's for sure.

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