Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Madam Secretary Pilot Review

Hey People,

Let me start off by saying I am a huge fan of The Good Wife if you didn't know already, so when I heard that the people who love The Good Wife would love this show, you know I had to put this on my top priority. Madam Secretary, I really have nothing to say about it, but you know I’ll try anyway. Let me explain.

Summary: A plan disappears (if it had not been for this past year I wouldn't have bought this part of the story) and takes along with it the Secretary of State. A mother/professor steps into the role, but not without a making a few enemies along the way. Did the plan disappear on purpose? Does she have a target on her back if she doesn’t play nice?

There is definitely a conspiracy going on in this show, which is actually what I loved most about the pilot. I know that I’ve said in the past how I wish a certain show didn't get into the conspiracy, but I have to say that’s the only thing I was really into in the show. I really couldn't stand the crime of the week. Why? Because it wouldn’t have happened. A really nice thing about this show is that it is trying to be very realistic, basing situations on real scenarios. But here’s the thing, we all know the US doesn't negotiate with terrorists, especially when we have to pay for our people’s return because we know that money would be used to buy guns or to obtain more hostages and then we would just be funding their organization because they know we would pay. How do I know this? Because it just happened with a journalist in the US. Being a realistic show can be a really good thing, but it can also be this show’s undoing.

What I also like about this show is how there isn't any family drama. I think this is the first show where the family (so far) doesn't have a huge secret they’re hiding from each other. I was actually shocked by this. I was waiting to find out the husband was cheating on her or something, but it never happened. They are a happy family and I can’t believe it. That’s probably the most amazing thing about this show so far.

Of course I love the fact that she’s a strong women, which is why I was looking forward to the show, but other than her quick witty comments that I already saw in the trailer, I wasn’t feeling her as a character. Actually, there was no character that really stood out for me.

Cast: I only know Tea Leoni (Spanglish—great movie) and Tim Daly (Superman: animation). I knew I knew him from something, but I couldn't place him. The thing is I told my father that I loved his voice and what do you know, he was a voice of my childhood. I can never forget a voice.
Judgement: I’ll give it a try for now, but I can’t guarantee anything. My family did like it however and they will definitely continue watching as far as I know.

Diary: This would be an easy diary to write, but I’m not even sure if I’ll continue watching so no diary.

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P.S. Isn’t it a sad day when you realize the media rather look at what you’re wearing than what you are doing?
P.P.S. I totally forgot that about Zeljko Ivanek who's been everywhere from 24 to Damages.

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