Saturday, September 6, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (17)

Rumi: I need your help.
Kimi: Master Rumi.
Rumi: Will you help me?
Kimi: Excuse us. Let’s talk in the hallway. What are you doing here? Masters aren’t allowed in Servants’ classrooms. They really shouldn’t even be in this wing.
Rumi: There are way too many rules in this school.
Kimi: You need to leave.
Rumi: But I need your help with Sakiko. I have plan worked out and everything. All I need you to do is invite Natsue for an outing this weekend. We can go together and when the time is right we’ll leave and give them time to talk.
Kimi: I can’t go.
Rumi: Oh.
Kimi: It’s not that I don’t want to. I just can’t. You should leave. I’ll go first.
Rumi: That didn’t answer my question.
Anika: I heard that Master Rumi was here.
Kimi: She was.
Anika: Why?
Kimi: She needed my help.
Anika: So I’ve heard. Why?
Kimi: You should ask her not me.
Anika: But I’m asking you.
Kimi: She wanted me to ask you if you would accompany her this weekend. She would have asked you herself, but she was afraid you would say no.
Anika: Why would she be afraid?
Kimi: She thought it’s been so long since she hung out with you, you might have moved on already.
Anika: Never. Just the two of us, I can’t w—
Kimi: Not exactly. Natsue and Master Sakiko will be there as well.
Anika: The more the merrier, as long as Master Rumi is there.
Kimi: She will be.
Anika: You and Master Megumi should come too. It was so much fun last time, after the bickering ended.
Kimi: Oh, I don’t know. Master Megumi—
Anika: Please, I insist. I’ll tell Master Rumi that you two are coming. I wonder what I should wear…

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