Friday, September 5, 2014

Finding Carter S1 E10

Dear Diary,

Ugh, do I really have to follow this girl with her annoying boyfriend? Thankfully she's not smart enough to break her phone so I was able to follow her. So let me get this straight, Carter's charges were dropped, yet she's still going to stay out on the road because of Crash? And how is it now not safe for Crash? I really don't get it, but then again I don't really get Crater at all so...there's that. It's so funny that if Crash was gone for a really long time Carter would make a whimpering dog sound. Really, man? Because if I were you, I would surely want to make Carter have other noises, but that's just me.

So I was doing my usual stalking when all of a sudden I hear a noise on my phone. AMBER ALERT with Carter's face on it. Oh Elizabeth, you are so awesome. Now this makes sense for Crater to run away with each other. They end up going to a random house, which when I did my research turned out to be Carter's old crazy mom's house. I love how Crash takes credit for finding Carter's mother. First of all kid, you didn't even find out, you may however have a lead. Ugh this guy. When I get a break from one annoying person, it's just replaced by another.

Carter gets an idea the next morning that her mother would have also seen the amber alert and therefore she needs to leave a message with Max. Why does Max have to be the middleman? I swear I feel in the Carter and Max relationship, Max gets nothing out of it. But if it wasn't for Carter there would be no Maylor so it's a give or take.

At first when he said I bought something I was already thinking no ring, no ring, no ring. Well I was right, it was no ring, but it was far worse--a gun. Crash is an idiot. Now I wish I was right. "You should learn how to use this." Then she handles the gun like a pro.

Yea back to see Max, I've missed him so much. How does he get his hair to curl like that? If it naturally happens, then he's a lucky b*st*d. "She's not your tree." I love this man. And then the next thing you know my heart sank so fast. I was in my car when I heard it and I couldn't do anything. I couldn't move. My favorite person just got shot. And that's how Crash became my number 1 enemy, Diary.

Luv ya,

P.S. Taylor blames Carter, but if it wasn't for Carter, she wouldn't have even met Max. Just a thought.
P.P.S. Crash should really learn how to use a gun and also when to use it.

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