Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Finding Carter S1 E11

Dear Diary,

Where is he!? If I find you Crash, you're a dead man walking or running...from the police. Ugh, I knew he was trouble, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt for Carter. Obviously, Carter is a bad judge of character. Actually now that I think about it, she's been a bad judge in character. I mean all I have to say is Lori and you get the picture.

Carter vs. Taylor
Taylor 01 (sting)
Carter 00

Carter you are an idiot. Why are you defending Crash still? He pointed a gun at your best friend, shot him and then took off. I'm with Elizabeth. If he really cared, he would have stayed until the paramedics showed up and not worry about his ass going to jail. If he cared, he wouldn't have pulled that stunt in the first place. I get that Carter wants to find the good in everyone, but that doesn't mean you look pass their wrongs. Crash did wrong and now he has to serve time for that, plain and simple.

Oh here comes the flying liar, Bird. I just want to be friend Carter. I'm here for you. Shut up, Bird. Friends don't send friends to jail so they won't get into trouble. It may be a bit more complicated than that, but the answer is a simple one. Hell no.

Finally the infamous Karen that is never around. Hello Max's mom aka only shows up when her son might die.

Carter vs. Taylor
Taylor 02 (sting again)
Carter 00

Why do I keep listening in annoying people? I don't find that many people annoying, but Karen is annoying as sh*t. I know it wasn't your fault Carter. You've been taking care of my baby since I gave birth to him. Ugh, disgusting. And why isn't Carter correcting her?

Carter vs. Taylor
Taylor 02
Carter 01 (realizing the truth)

Everyone should get a point for the great moment at the hospital, which leads to the Bird and Carter's moment. I think this is the first time I have to agree with Bird. Crater needs to end. He has to pay for his big mistake and Carter can't keep defending him forever.

Carter -01 (for going to see Crash, really?)

He threw out the gun, so what a kid could find it? Brilliant. But it was a ruse, a huge set up. Crash is going to jail! Man actually has mental problems so there you go. Maybe he can plea insanity.

Carter +02 (you can have it back with a bonus for tricking me)

But the best moment came when Carter said those three letters we've been dying to hear, Diary--mom. I might just have to replay my recorder on that. I may or may not have screamed when she said it. Then of course, it was followed by those famous three words, but dang that was a really feel good moment.

Carter vs. Taylor ends in a tie 3-3 (for reconciling)

As f'ed up this family is, it's still a great one.

Luv ya,

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