Saturday, September 13, 2014

Extant S1 E12

Dear Diary,

Where can I get the drugs that Sparks is on? He's way too happy. I hate happy people. He needs to die just for that.

What type of virus is going around that is making "heroes" act like idiots? Stop trying to see the good in people. Some people are just evil. You're baby is evil, stop thinking all babies are just pooping machines because yours skipped that process fairly quickly.

I wish I could get a high like Molly. That memory thing gives you a real kick. Anyway back to "reality," turns out Molly made a fake asteroid message and now the ship is falling back to Earth even though it doesn't know it's doing that. Ben obviously should be fired from his job because he doesn't even know he's about to die. Ben needs an upgrade.

Well what do you know, Sparks's daughter is still alive. Well don't you feel stupid Sparks.

I saw a boy creeping around Molly's place. Obviously, this boy is an amateur because that is now how you creep. Take it from a pro.

So it turns out Molly's son is adorable. Evil he may be, I can't kill a cutie like that and don't get me started on his adorable voice. But it turns out the little boy isn't evil after all, he's just being manipulated by a higher power, a stronger power.

So what now Diary?

Luv ya,

P.S. Ethan is acting co-co puffs on the cray.

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