Sunday, November 16, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (22)

Megumi: Why don’t you go inside and have a chat with Kimiko.
Rumi: You’re encouraging me to talk to her, why?
Megumi: What can I say, I changed my tune.
Rumi: Why are you here Megumi?
Megumi: I told you, I’m supervising.
Rumi: I don’t have time for your games. If you’re the True Master that you claim to be, you wouldn’t have to hide behind them.
Megumi: I’m not hiding. I’m in the middle of the field and can be seen miles away.
Rumi: So answer my question.
Megumi: You already know the answer. But if I say it, you’ll just deny it. So let’s just skip that part and go directly to the source. Or are you too scared to go inside and find out?
Rumi: Sometimes it’s better not knowing. I want to know.
Megumi: What did you say?
Rumi: I said I want to know. If she doesn’t want me to be her Master, then I rather hear it from her than from you.
Megumi: Then by all means, go inside.
Anika: It’s never been done before.
Kimi: I know.
Anika: You’ll be breaking the rules.
Kimi: I know!
Anika: You have one other option, question is will you do it.
Sakiko: Do what?
Kimi: Where’s Natsue?
Sakiko: Trying on a few clothes. I told her it would be my treat since the misunderstanding was my fault.
Megumi: So you had to buy her to win her heart. So that’s the only way for you to become a Servant’s Master. How pathetic.
Sakiko: No pathetic is me trying to explain myself to you, so I won’t bother.
Rumi: Kimiko, can we talk?
Kimi: We should.
Megumi: This will be the last time we’ll have a group outing together.
Sakiko: Do you promise?
Megumi: I guarantee it.
Sakiko: So you finally give up.
Megumi: Hardly, you used to know me, when did I ever give up? I always get what I want. ALWAYS.
Sakiko: Not this time Megumi.
Megumi: Ask yourself Sakiko, what do you think they’re talking about over there?
Sakiko: I do know. Do you?
Megumi: This is Kimiko’s last outing with you as well.
Anika: If only you two really knew what was going on.

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