Thursday, December 18, 2014

Reign S2 E10 Diary

Dear Diary,

A bunch of men were gathered and chained for trying to flee the scene of the crime. It seemed like Queen Mary was studying them very carefully. I wonder why she was so curious. I did notice how anytime King Francis tries to touch her she pulls away. Oh great, what did he do now to dissatisfy our Queen again? I hear Francis will let the chained men stand outside in the cold all night because the dungeons are full and he doesn't care if they die because of what they did the night before. Well it serves them right if you ask me.

I had to help Mary move her things back into her old room. Damn this woman can accumulate a lot. Next time she gets in a fight with Francis, tell him to move out from the room. He'll probably just take his sword with him and that's it. 

Apparently, DB Sr. is in hiding. As long as I don't have to see his fug face anymore I'm okay with it.

Francis gave an order to kill a dozen chained men who were there when 2 guards died. Francis ain't playing no games anymore. This King means business and he's putting their bodies out on display to warn anyone who's stupid enough to try anything.

I've been noticing for weeks now that Catherine is acting strange. I sometimes catch her in a gaze and just looking at nothing. Sometimes I hear her talking to no one. Girl has lost her mind, but I guess that's what happens when you reach that age. She's still trying to get Claude to leave, but I still don't know why yet.

I saw Mary and Louis leave the castle together. I swear, no one ever stays in the castle anymore. The good thing is I don't have to deal with their drama anymore. The bad thing is I don't hear about the drama either. 

I was doing my job and delivering food to Claude's chamber when Catherine snatched the tray from my hands. I swear I don't understand royals at all. One minute, they need help dressing themselves and the next, they want to serve food themselves. Make up your mind! Either want a servant or don't.

I saw Greer and Castleroy leaving the castle. I know Castleroy was brought in for being named by another Protestant, but he was let go in order of the King. I wonder why he gets special treatment. Probably because Greer is one of Mary's ladies. Greer has decided to stay at the Castle while Castleroy leaves with his children. Well that marriage didn't last that long.

It seems like Claude is no longer betrothed to Louis. I guess there's no need for a Protestant and Catholic marriage when sh*t has already hit the fan. Okay, I'm lying Diary. I read the letter addressed to Mary from Louis and it was basically declaring his love for her. I know it was wrong for me to read it, but I couldn't help myself Diary. I haven't had any news like this in weeks. I wonder if Mary feels the same way? First it was either Bash or Francis and now it's Louis or Francis. And since Mary won't even let Francis touch her, is Louis winning?

Luv ya,

P.S. I didn't want to mention it because I thought it was weird, but I was walking in the corridor and I couldn't help but hear Catherine moaning and groaning away. Who is she getting down with or who is she thinking of getting down with?

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