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Forever S1 Midseason Finale Review

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S1 E11
I should have written this yesterday, but I had a final so I'm writing it now and damn was this episode super dose of awesome. I was so scared throughout this entire episode and I don't usually get scared for characters that easily, but I take it as a good thing since it must mean I care about these characters a lot.

Alright so let's start from the beginning. Adam takes Henry for a spin and like the rude date Adam is he kills himself off to rove to Henry that he is immortal. The only thing that it proves to Henry is that he is one sick f*ck. Since Henry was in the backseat of a taxi, he couldn't drive the d*mn thing so it ended in the river and he died of drowning. Henry still fears death which is odd for a man who seeks it. Out of the river, he's born again and into handcuffs he goes.

Henry starts working right after his release after getting a speedo as a present from the precinct. Henry notices the case-of-the-week is the taxi driver for the same car that Adam driving. He was killed with a sword and I love how the show did a throwback of the Highlander since it's so closely related to Forever.

Abe is afraid for Henry's life and thinks he should tell Jo. He needs someone who can protect him.

In the past, Henry's first wife puts him in the madhouse and of course they think he's crazy no matter what he tells them. Waterboarding is so wrong.

The cab driver had a hepatitis B shot, which isn't necessary for a cab driver to get. Very suspicious. The team goes to the taxi they found in the Hudson river and notice a bullet shell casing found in the car from an old antique gun. Scratches from inside the backseat of the car where Henry was sitting to escape was seen by Jo. She also noticed Henry's watch there, but thought he just dropped it.

Henry goes back to the scene of the crime to look for the gun in the river. Again Henry gets arrested for indecent exposure. Henry is sent to therapy where we meet Dr. Carver another Brit. Here is how I knew it was him the first time we meet him. He asked who Abe was and Henry obliges with an answer, but he never mentioned Abe's age, so when Dr. Carver said how about someone closer to Henry's age, I asked myself how did he know Abe wasn't around his age. I automatically knew Dr. Carver was Adam.

The gun was registered to a psychopath and at the psycho's apartment another victim was dissected by Henry's hunting knife. The same way Henry would dissect someone! Henry and Jo decide to leave town like they've always done, but Jo finds them before they could. Henry tells the team half the truth and tells them he has a stalker with an obsession with death and thinks he's immortal. He also told him that he was going to leave town so the death toll wouldn't rise. Henry couldn't have done it anyway since he was in therapy at the time.

Like the last victim this one was also vaccinated with hepatitis B. Connection? Bellview. And guess who helps him? Adam, who leads Henry and Jo to a smoking gun. And the smoking gun reappeared with the sound of some beautiful music playing in the background. I was so scared for Abe at this moment because I didn't know where he was. The smoking gun wanted Henry to kill him, but Henry wouldn't do it, not until he had to choose between smoking gun or himself. Of course when the man started bleeding out, Henry instantly knew he wasn't Adam.

Henry had never taken a life before and Jo tried to comfort him by telling him what he told her when she killed someone that killing someone should disturb you and when it doesn't that's when you have real problems.

Adam calls Henry and reveals himself to be Dr. Carver. Now let the games begin. What will Henry do now that he knows who Adam really is?

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