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The Affair S1 E9: He Said, She Said, Truth

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Sorry for the lateness, turns out I'm not getting better. We'll see how tomorrow is. Meanwhile let me recap the penultimate episode of The Affair. It turns out I was wrong about who was telling the truth last time, but it seems like I always get it wrong. I just didn't want to believe that's how they said "I love you" to each other, but I guess it is.

She Said

Alison meets u with Noah in New York for a rendezvous. They tried to get a room in Brooklyn, buut apparently even Brooklyn is expensive nowadays. Alas, they end up at Noah's house and do the deed there (shame, shame). Even when they're making love they say "I love you" to each other. Afterwards, Noah tells Alison about his plan to move out and buying his own place to write his book and also for her to stay when she's in town.

While taking a shower Alison decides to drain his wife's expensive shampoo. When she's done that, she walks in on Noah changing the sheets and decides to go to the kitchen. She breaks something and when she digs in the trash to hide it she notices a positive pregnancy test.

Noah takes Alison to "their" future apartment, which is tiny as sh*t. There is a ridiculous 2 year agreement to live there. Alison thinks it's a mistress pad, not a future apartment for them. Noah tells her that when Whitney goes away for college, he'll tell his wife he's leaving her. Alison thinks Noah is never going to tell his wife.

Alison gets on a train to go home, but stops by a bar first to drink her problems away. She meets Oscar there and ends up having sex with him. The next day, Oscar asks if she was going back to her husband and she said yes. He voiced exactly what I was thinking and said, "What does that even mean to you?" She tells Oscar about her plan to leave and get as far away from there as possible when they sell the ranch. Noah informs her that the ranch is worthless because of bad debts.

Alison pays her mother-in-law a visit and tells her she knows the truth about the ranch. M-i-l tells Alison that if she tells her boys the truth, she'll tell Alison's husband the truth about her affair. Alison then informs her he already knows. Then m-i-l goes in for the kill and talks about Alison's dead son and how it was Alison's fault he's dead for not taking him to the hospital soon enough. She ends her rant by telling Alison it should have been her instead of her grandchild.

Alison couldn't take the pain and caused her own pain by cutting herself. Yet, she cuts herself too deep and needs stitches. Then Ruth Wilson (Alison) gives her best performance by recanting how her son drowned to death to the doctor. Alison tries to kill herself by drowning herself, but thinks better of it. Alison visits her son's grave to say goodbye and then packs up her things to leave because if she stays in that town she'll die. She tells the truth about the ranch to her husband and leaves. Her husband meets her at the train station and tells her she was was right about the ranch and that he wants to leave with her.

He Said

Noah and Alison are making love in his apartment and while Alison is in the shower, Noah decides to clean up from the bedroom all the way to the kitchen. He finds the pregnancy test in the trash and hides it from Alison. Alison couldn't find her shirt because Noah put it in the wash and decides to let Alison wear one of his wife's shirts. He tells her he loves her before she goes.

Noah finds Alison's pink bra before the wife and kids come home. The wife mentions her shampoo being used. Noah mentions the pregnancy test and the wife admits it's not hers so it must be Whitney's. Whitney eventually admits she's pregnant and already has an abortion planned, but she won't say who the father is. Noah goes to Planned Parenthood and sees the father to be is Alison's brother-in-law. After Noah tries to beat him up, he goes to visit his best friend to have a heart-to-heart.

Noah decides to come clean to his wife that this isn't the life he wants and that he's in love with someone else. His wife was not happy to hear that and went totally ballistic when she found Alison's pink bra in his drawer when she was throwing his clothes at him. Noah gets on a train to go see Alison. Once he steps off the train he does see Alison and her husband. Alison just gets on the train.


Well everything petty much matched up except for the whole who found the pregnancy test, the shirt debacle, and if Noah showed Alison the apartment. It does make more sense if Noah finds the pregnancy test; however, for Alison to sleep with Oscar, it makes more sense if she was mad at Noah, so therefore, he did show her the apartment. The shirt could or could no have happened. It doesn't really matter since it had no significance in the plot. Thus, I conclude that this episode was a tie.

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P.S. How was Witney not showing if she was 3 months pregnant? That girl is a skinny as hell. If she gained wright recently wouldn't her family have noticed?

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