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The Good Wife S6 E12 Review

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I never thought I would say this, but Chris Matthews, you are such a cockblocker. Anyway this show started with a disclaimer about this episode being written and shot before the verdict for Ferguson. Now the case that was up for debate is similar to an actual case. The only difference is in the show the person died, while in real life the person is alive and the case against him was dismissed, but the lawsuit against the cops is still pending. This is the actual footage from the real case.

Back to the show...

Alicia: It is debate night and everyone is prepping Alicia at the last minute. At first Alicia was having a hard time getting in rhythm of everything. Having a countdown was helping her and neither was the tape on the podium. But when it came to the question of her husband's infidelity, this is what she had to say

How did Julianna Margulies not win a Golden Globe last night I will never know.

Alicia and Prady get hungry and start searching for food. They bump into each other and notice how much they agree with one another. Then they decide to have a debate right there in the kitchen of the hotel. It ends with Alicia speaking the truth. Racism will never go away (because there are dumb people in this world that actually think skin color determines your fate). It's a good dream to believe, but not realistic. The racists in this world can be less every year, but they will never be extinct because there will always exist someone who is dumb.

Alicia decides now is a good time to talk to Elfman about their kiss in the garage. Like I told you guys before, the kiss meant nothing to her, but surprisingly, it did mean something to Elfman. I didn't think TGW had it in them to create another love triangle, but I think they are. I'm actually feeling more chemistry between Elfman and Alicia than Alicia and Finn. But this is still the early stage, we'll have to wait and see if anything comes of it.

Prady makes a mistake by postponing the debate and Alicia and the gang are willing to use this to their advantage.

Diane & Cary: Chumhum is back in the picture again. How long has their divorce been going on? David Lee is back and he's swinging. The lawyer on F/A/L's side is being sentimental to Lee because his son survived a tumor removal so Diane and Cary decide to step in to save the case. Both had pictures of the other spouse cheating, but then David switches it up on our team by telling them he would go to TMZ with the photos. It would just be bad press for Chumhum. The wife threatens the Chumhum board with knowledge of naked photos of celebrities not being stopped by them. Since this will cost the husband millions he fires F/A/L,

Diane and Cary know they need David Lee back at the firm because as crappy of a human being he is, he does his job very well. David isn't happy with his current firm since he's carrying all the weight since Canning is sick. So guess who's coming back?

Peter: The photos are out on Peter and Ramona. Nice to see the father and son pastors back on the screen. It's been awhile. Peter is dealing with the aftermath of the verdict of the police being not guilty. He's trying to stop a riot from happening by not issuing National Guards and thinking if the police show up looking like a bomb squad than it will just start a riot. Everything is always political, the mayor wants to side with the police for elections, while Peter wants to side with the black people for their vote. The mayor wins, but Peter decides to go down to the protesting site and the son pastor goes along with him. It was also nice to see Peter and religion comeback and we witness how much Peter has changed (or even how much he's not changed). He still believes in God, but no longer prays. Peter just wants to be effective.

Peter breaks up with Ramona and I'm kind of sad for them because I liked them together. Wrong timing, maybe after the election.

Alicia, Cary, & Diane: Alicia finds out the hard way that David Lee is coming back to the firm when David tells her himself (does this mean his name will be a part of F/A/L because if it is, then it's F/A/L/L). Alicia goes to Cary and Diane and tells them she can't believe they made this decision without her. I agree with her, even though she would have lost it shouldn't matter. Even when Cary was in jail, they included him in the vote. They couldn't reach her and so they made the decision without her. Why they couldn't wait, I will never know. Diane reminds Alicia that she started running so Castro couldn't win, but now that he's no longer in the race why is she still running (very true). Alicia responds by saying if she was a man Diane would never have asked that question (I don't this is a sexiest question, it seems a fair question to me). Then she says something I do agree with. Alicia has people working for her, people who give her money because they believe in her, she can't quit now. She thinks she would make a great State's Attorney. Some people think she's staying in because of her ego and that may be part of it, but I think it's too late to back out now. People are counting on her.

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