Friday, February 20, 2015

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S1 E5
Cassie and Cole find The Night Room and what do you know, Scarface and Jennifer are there as well. So there was no point in killing Henri as Cassie points out, but then again maybe it was all for the best. If Cole didn't kill Henri, then they would have found it sooner than they did, which probably means they would have taken it since they would have had a lot more time to torture Jennifer for the code. Like I said, maybe it was for the best.

FINALLY, the future has changed with the 1st of the virus destroyed. I was seriously rolling my eyes when I saw Jennifer punching the code in to save Cole. Glad we get a different outcome than I anticipated. This only proves my theory that the future can be changed with a big enough change in the past. Does that mean no more best friend and German Doc. I doubt it. Their timeline could still be going and Cole is in another timeline now that he has significantly changed the past or Jones and Ramse's timeline actually did poof and now are doing something else and living somewhere else since West 7 occupy the facility now.

But it still doesn't seem like Cole changed the future enough to stop the virus from going viral. Now how is he going to make it back to the year 2015 without the crazy Doc? Also, Cassie was taken by Scarface.

Sidenotes: Love how Jennifer didn't give 2 shits that Cole killed her father. Wasn't at all surprised that Cole wasn't the 1st person to travel back in time, which leads me to believe it was Jones who sent the virus back in time in the 1st place. Scarface is also working with someone from the future, who might also be one of the Doc's failed attempts or even future Cole (plot twist!) or maybe just a crazy person (Deacon perhaps?)

S3 E6
Hood was really out of it last episode due to Siobhan dying. He even imagined a place where he wasn't Lucas Hood. The real Hood would be alive and acting as the sheriff of the town and Siobhan would still be alive. Sad thing is he wouldn't have gotten to know her. I doubt he would have left Ana alone, but it was his daydream not mine. He snapped out of it when Job asked him what he needed. I'm guessing his answer was Chayton dead. Hood had him right where he wanted him and he still got away. Why can't they make it easy? I understand waking him up so he would know who killed him, but, ugh, just shoot him already. Now he's alive and who knows when we'll see him again.

Ana completed another task for the heist by getting the prints of the colonel.

Proctor dealt with his mother's passing by, of course, having sex with Brock's ex. I swear that woman is a nympho. He may be getting soft though, He made that drug deal that Rebecca wasn't down for. Me thinks she will start planning Proctors demise soon. Proctor created a monster and I don't think he'll be able to control her, which leads me to believe Proctor will die this season. I mean, why not? Everyone else is dying.

Also, Deva is still acting up, but what else is new?

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