Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hart Of Dixie S4 E5 Diary

Dear Diary,

These burritos are banging! Forget the Rammer Jammer, breakfast with the Pricketts is where it's at.

I think it's high time for me to start dating. I've been consumed by stalking so much that I haven't dated anyone in years. Time for a hoedown in Mobile. Let's see there was a mama's boy, a teeth freak, what Buba is to shrimp this guy is to soup, an alien enthusiast, and a fish lover. I'm going to be alone forever. I did see Lemon and Levon there, which is funny because I didn't think they were that desperate. But I did see them talking to each other and giving each other googly eyes. This is not good, especially since AB is Lemon's best friend and I'm still rooting for AB and Levon to get back together :(

The next day, I hear Zoe Hart shut down Dash's bed & breakfast. Man is not happy about that.

I saw AB and George Tucker go into Fancies together. I didn't even know that place was opened yet. AB and George, together. I never thought about it. It's interesting.

I went to the Rammer Jammer to see Pamela Bailey even though I never heard of her. Girl called off her own gig minutes before it was going to start. Ugh, girl is a diva. At least, she came back. Stars can never make up their minds. Lavon was there, but it sadder than an otter who found out he couldn't fly, but AB and George seemed happy. A little too happy if you ask me.

Luv ya,

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