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S1 E14
Adam was back, but he was on his best behavior. So I'm guessing the family pictures, wife, and the whole story about him moving to America because of his wife's job was a lie then. Too bad, but it wasn't necessary because in last week's episode, we saw a human side to Adam as he tells his story about his days at the Auschwitz.

The case-of-the-week involved a great man who was trying to right a wrong by his Nazi father by returning stolen artifacts, but when his son realized all his money problems could go away, the son attacked and ended up killing this great man by accident. Adam also killed another man who was working with the son to stop the shipping of the artifacts (see what I did there?)

Adam left a gift for Abe--a registry. Abe was able to identify his name and his parents name. He finally got to see a picture of them :)

Also Henry has to look out for a certain knife for Adam to payback for what Adam did for Abe. We also got to see a sorta nice flashback of Henry's father. I say sorta because Henry's father was in the slave ship business because of debt. Henry didn't know and lost respect for his father, but when his father was dying, Henry was there for him and that's when Henry's father gave him the pocket watch.

S3 E13
Last week, Casey and Dawson put their romance on hold and told themselves they would revisit down the road. You know that's not gonna happen because one of them is going to fall in love with someone else, while the other one will be the fool and keep waiting.

Brett and Cruz celebrated their 3 month anniversary, only to be interrupted by Otis's grandmother because Otis's g-ma now lives with them. I don't care if there is a language barrier, she could clearly see she wasn't wanted in that room. Girl did it on purpose.

Boden is still dealing with his father dying, but maybe we'll get to see that party they were talking about last week. I only worry that his father will take matters into his own hands. He did say he wanted to go out in his terms.

This episode was focused on Shay and what she meant to the team. It was a nice send off for the character.

On Chicago PD, the cops got tricked twice by Shay's killer. They didn't even know his real name until the last minute. He targeted Gabby, but big brother was there to save the day. At least, we got to see a police car blow up and the Sergeant acting nice, which was really creeping me out.

S4 E13
Shaw is back! But not really. At least we know for sure now she's alive and at some point Shahi will definitely have to come back to finish her story line at some point.

Anyway, last week was another great episode. Root and Reese were at it again trying to find Shaw by following the only clue they had--a truck. It lead them to a place called Maple. It was Samaritan's lab, where it would tests human's reactions to certain situations. Samaritan was studying human behavior. Of course, Root and Reese shut it down, but their first priority was Shaw. They went guns blazing and were willing to torture anyone holding them back on finding her. What they stumbled on was tech that would track computers and human's brain activity. Creepy. They found out they were following a girl that wasn't Shaw, but was being used as a lab rat. Bad people dead or injured and the girl saved.

Back in New York City, Fusco teamed up with an old partner Reese had. Silva is back! If you read my recap of the first time we met her, I said I wanted to see her again and I'm glad we did. Silva and Fusco tracked down a killer that looks like a hermit who you wouldn't think twice he could hurt someone. I wouldn't mind if she was added on The Machine Team even after Shaw does come back. She can partner up with Fusco since Reese is never around to do his job and Fusco has to always cover for him.

After Maple, Reese and Finch are ready to move on from finding Shaw and focus on stopping Samaritan, but Root doesn't want to stop looking for her. She asks her god for help and The Machine answers, "STOP". This is really interesting because we don't know if Root will follow the orders of The Machine. She has always done what she was told, but this is the first time she may disobey. Damn, girl has it bad! She tells Finch goodbye. We can't lose all the females in the show, so she'll definitely be back, but for how long will she be out for? Will she go on another rampage? Will she disobey orders? All we know is she's need time. Meanwhile, Shaw is recuperating from her injuries and the British geezer is keeping her company.

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