Monday, February 9, 2015

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S1 E12
You can't have The Passions of Santos without Santos! Then it's just Passions, and that show failed! Rogelio FTW.

Jane has to write a death scene for Rogelio and she ends writing a beautiful scene, but they find out Rogelio's assistant set up Rogelio so he could take over as the lead of The Passions of Santos. I wonder how they're going to hit back. Rogelio seems to be planning to make a film career. But if anything good came from the death scene it was Jane calling Rogelio her dad. What a sweet moment. It really was straight up the best of times.

Petra finds out her mother can walk with the help of her ex-boyfriend. I'm not going to lie I totally fell for the death scene of Petra and I loved how they mixed Petra's death scene with Rogelio's.

Michael is suspended from his job for disobeying orders, but he does track down the plastic surgeon and connects Rafael's father to him. Now the detectives are after him.

Rafael has a hard time trusting his sister, but because Jane is so trusting he decides to give it another go with his sister. He reads her letter to Rose and finds out she also suspects their father of being Sin Rostro. But it turns out, Sin Rostro is Rose. The Narrator might have been shocked, but I wasn't. I was more like "Yea, that makes sense."

S2 E14
I just binged watched this show and had to add it immediately to the list.

I never want to go on a camping trip. I thought y'all should know that. Anyway, Stef is annoyed that the kids always go to Lena when they are in deep dodo, so when Jesus tells Lena that he saw his mom at an AA meeting and she announced she was pregnant, Lena decided Jesus should tell his Stef the news and for Jesus not tell her he told Lena first. That ends up blowing in her face. I think their duo is perfect. You don't want both moms to be asses and you don't want both moms to be too nice. One can gather the intel and the other can dish out punishments.

Brandon and Callie are just all kinds of awkward since Callie confessed and Brandon rejected her and now Callie has to see him and Lou. Callie tells Brandon not to hold back. I understand why Brandon rejected her since he doesn't want Callie to give up her dream of being adopted in this family and the fact that she only goes to him when the going gets tough, but damn do I feel bad for those who date these 2. They will always play 2nd fiddle.

Finally, Jesus quits Hayley. Girl was needy and pretty much a stalker. I should know. Now how he'll remove that tattoo of her name is another story.

Mariana eventually finds out about her birth mom being pregnant and thinks that child is doom and Jude is blamed for being a whistleblower even though he's just trying to protect his brothers. He finally grows some and stands up for himself. I like this new Jude.

S7 E13
And some people said they weren't going to like the PI gig. I liked what the writers did. Instead of having a case at the precinct, they switched it up and had a case for Castle. Clever.

The case-of-the-week was a doozy. Castle's friend wanted proof of her husband cheating so when Castle did find the proof and was about to drop them off at her house, he saw the girl being dragged by some man that Castle presumed to be her husband. It looked like she was murdered. Castle realizes it was all a big set up for him to see and that the wife wasn't killed at all, but was behind all of it from the beginning since they never found her body #gonegirl. Next thing you know, they find her body in the river. And then her husband is found hanging by the chandelier.

Turns out she had not 1 but 2 partners in crime. The 1st was a business partner of the husband. His wife and Castle's friend's husband were sleeping together and so they decided to get back at their spouses. The 2nd was the woman behind the plan and the killings--the lawyer. She had a grudge against the husband since she believes he killed her sorority sister and so she made the fake killing a real one and killed the husband to tie up loose ends.

Like I said, it was a doozy, but a really good one. I liked this episode a lot.

Since Lanie and Esposito are no longer dating, Ryan and his wife thought it was a good idea to set him up on a blind date so they all can go on the trip they planned beforehand when Lanie and Espo were dating. What they negelected to tell Espo was that they set up a profile for him on Match. Espo did end up meeting a girl on there, but not one Ryan and his wife are going to like going on a trip with.

Gate wasn't in this episode, but I never think she's needed so oh well.

There was a lot of babes, kisses and love yous, but the best part was Castle and Beckett acknowledging how great "naps" are. Both of them are great if you ask me.

Tonight starts the epic 2 parter of 3XK and his girlfriend. Exciting!

Luv ya,

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