Monday, February 9, 2015

Reign S2 E13 Diary

Dear Diary,

First Bloom my ass. I don't care about a flower popping up in the snow when I'm the one that has to prepare decorations for the party. I bet they wouldn't be throwing this many parties if they had to clean up after each one. I hear Lola and Conde will attend together since Mary ordered it. They seem to be following the rules for now which is very unlike them since they don't usually follow anyone's rule. Lola does what she feels is right and Conde does what Conde wants.

Antoine has come to ask for money for the French Protestant refugees that take refuge in Navarre. Will he get his money is still up in the air.

Catherine is still talking to herself. I'm just glad that they finally found out about it. I thought last week was her last episode, but sadly her disease keeps coming back. It kind of says something that it took them this long to realize something was wrong with her. Better late, then never, I guess.

I saw Bash leave the castle. I hear there is a man who rose from the dead and is now terrorizing people. I didn't know the dead could walk. The Walking Dead, it has a nice ring to it. Anyway, I saw his wife showing Antoine around. This won't end well. I can tell.

Francis and Mary are sleeping in the same room now. At least now I don't have to clean 2 rooms. Mary seemed very happy during the party.

Speaking of the party, DB Sr. and Claude, back room. Not discrete at all. Claude was telling anyone with an ear that Catherine has syphilis. Sucks to be her. I saw Antoine being escorted by some soldiers and Francis. Something is definitely going down.

Luv ya,

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