Friday, February 13, 2015

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S3 E5
I was going to write about Siobhan finally finding out everything and even more than we know since she knew Hood's real name, but that doesn't matter anymore because she's dead. I was just warming up to them being together and now she's dead. I liked her as a character. Damn, Banshee can you stop killing your badass female characters? First Nola and now Siobhan. Ugh!

Sidenote Proctor's mother dies, but who cares really? Maybe Rebecca will take her grandmother's advice and run.

Forget Proctor, Chatyon is going down!

S1 E4
Not much happened this episode. The West 7 invaded the compound, but then retreated when future Cole came because he knew what was already going to happen. The only thing is Max betrayed the 7 and is now with Cole and Ramse. Cole claims their romance won't start again because of Cassie, but I'm pretty sure this will be a love triangle.

In other news, Cassie found The Night Room. I wish this show would show how fate can be changed. Everything so far has been predetermined so far, except for the scratched watch.

S2 E4
Day 4

Alan finds out his little brother is working for Ilaria. Finally, someone knows.

Julia and Sarah are both left to die in their time. I'm pretty sure they'll both be fine since they're immortal and all. I'm including the baby as well.

Kyle finds out it's all in the honey. The toxin is in the honey which is making everyone sick.

Someone needs to kill Hiroshi. He was badass before, but now the man isn't making any sense. He's just sad now.

Sergio is back and is still working for Ilaria. Hell, Peter is taking orders from him. At least, Alan knows Julia is head of the organization now.

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