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S1 E19
I love how Jane goes through the 7 or should I say 8 stages of grief. At least Rafael and Jane tried to work on things, but in the end, Rafael was right to break up with Jane. He is in a dark place and as we have seen in the past, he would just bring Jane down with him. Jane wouldn't be able to give up on Rafael if he didn't say he didn't love her, but I still feel bad about it. Now Michael thinks this is his chance to get back with Jane so he breaks up with Andie. I hope we still see Andie in the future. Michael also had to deal with finding out his partner was being blackmailed by Sin Rostro and has been working for her and derailing the case, but Michael being Michael gave her a head start before he notified his superior.

Xo finally told Rogelio the truth about kissing Marco and Rogelio dumped her for it. It's Rogelio. He's very prideful. Maybe Xo will take Jane's advice and go see a therapist.

Petra killed Roman. I feel bad for her. She has no one in her life and because she's so desperate she called her mother, which led Alba to see who pushed her off the stairs. I hope we find out whatever happened between Alba and the priest.

 I love how this show works. So planned from the beginning and everything works so well. I wish more shows could be like this one.

S7 E20
I'm not going to lie to you people, I totally zoned out of this episode. There was no case of the week, instead Castle's abduction was in play. His 2 months absence has really gotten so crazy I kind of don't even want to talk about it because it got so ridiculous that I was rolling my eyes constantly. The story is crazy.

Castle starts remembering some things from when he was missing and so Beckett suggests seeing a therapist. I don't know why when all the therapist did was tell him to close his eyes and think of what happened. Did he really need to pay a crap load of money for that? He is rich so it really doesn't matter. Anyway, Castle starts remembering people and everyone thinks he's just remembering Chuck Norris movies. Hell, even I thought the guy looked like Chuck Norris before they mentioned his name. What I still can't stand is how Esposito treats Castle like he's making all this shit up. What an ass Espo can be. Anyway, it all turns out to be true and Castle finds out his memories were altered a bit so his friend in high school would be forgotten. His friend ended up working for Al-Qaeda, but later defected and was an informant for the CIA and someway, somehow Castle saved thousands of people. This is some fucking bullshit. You might as well have called it The Hangover 4.

The story isn't over yet because there are still things Castle doesn't know about and still can't count for his whereabouts, but I say #whothefuckcares I'm sick of this story-line. It's way too crazy and contrived. Hopefully, this episode tonight can bring us back to Earth.

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