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I'm in New York for the day! Why am I telling you? I have no idea.

S1 E9
Okay that may have been the best episode so far this season. It was a bit hectic with the timeline jumping all over the place, but it made sense in the end.

I love how you didn't know whose side Walker was on. Was he helping Royale to kill Wolfe or was he being a cop and this was all an elaborate plan to imprison Royale? Turns out in the end, Walker wanted to be a cop, but he wanted to be a power foremost and that's why he tried to go for them when he had the chance. But unfortunately for him, he has a smart team that know him and that knew he would go for his power, which is why they moved Wolfe to level 13, hence the name of the episode. But what they didn't anticipate was Royale releasing Simons and when Simons found out Royale was captured, he released Wolfe from his slumber. So now Wolfe is on the loose and the first thing he wants to do is talk to Walker and Royale together.

We are at the season finale people. Today is the last episode and oddly enough I find myself looking forward to it. I always think this show isn't that great and then I watch it and get drawn in. It's really weird and is freaking me out. Wolfe basically told Walker he had no more power to lick off him, so I'm hoping he gets them back this episode.

Also, why didn't Walker and Retro Girl kiss? A kiss on the chick, really? After a moment like that?

S4 E20
I'm not going to lie people, I got the feels on this one. Leave it to POI to change the game on a flashback. Hopefully this episode put to bed all the bad rumors that Taraji P. Henson left on bad terms. She came back and it was like she never left. I loved how John followed Carter's first case. While Finch and Root were dealing with the war between Elias and The Brotherhood, John was saving a number that just so happened to be a Carter's cold case. The whole time we thought it was a flashback of a number we haven't seen before, which it was, but it was more than that. John was hallucinating the flashback because he was shot and was dying. I started to question the flashback when Carter brought up the therapist. What was nice about the Carter and John stakeout is we got to see how distant John really was and how he regrets not opening himself up to Carter.

I love this episode because it shows another side of John. John admits he was thinking of committing suicide, he admits that he thought it was better to die alone without someone to care for him, he admits that is was better to not have a family. Through Carter, he displays how far he has come. Through Carter, he shows his strength. The best part of the episode is the ending. We don't see Finch and we don't see Root, all we see is headlights, knowing that John will be saved in the end because now John has a family.

S3 E20
I like shows where any person can die or leave like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead so I appreciate what Chicago Fire is doing, but why can't they get rid of people no one cares about or people that won't be missed? I'm going to miss Peter Mills and basically the prospect of Mills and Dawson. Even though Mills will be out of the game, I still won't root for Dawson and Casey, so I liked how Mills gave a kiss to Dawson before he left. Funny thing is someone asked the writers if the kiss would be stuck in her head at all and they basically said no, so what was the point of writing it in then?

Severide finds out the girl he's starting to fall for is off to discover the world, but she'll be back once Chicago Med starts up ;) at least they got down and dirty before she left.

Cruz and Otis had to tell Herrmann to bench his son because he sucked at hockey and Herrmann didn't take it so well, but when all was said and done he did end up benching his son and his son was as happy as can be.

We will be getting someone new to replace Mills on paramedics so no Rafferty, on the bright side the person they're replacing him with is pretty hot. This will be the start of anther crossover between Chicago PD and Law & Order: SVU. I'm not going to lie to you people, I'm kind of getting sick of these. This is the 4th one (we had one big crossover in the beginning, another between the Chicagos and then we just had one with Med). Someone said they could just picture it now a 4 show crossover between the Chicagos and SVU. If they do, please let it be once a season. If the Chicagos are all in one night (Fire, Med, and PD), it would be even better so we can get the whole story out in one night. I'll make sure to cover it all so don't worry about it, I got you covered.

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