Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Player Series Finale Review

Hey People,

I don't even know what to say to that. It didn't wrap up anything and left you with this big question of why Ginny has so many weapons in her possession. This show just proves to me why I don't like watching shows that I know aren't going to get a satisfying ending.

I'm not even sure what would have happened next because the player doesn't even want to be the player anymore since he has no reason to play if the house can't even help him get the info he needs to find his wife, who up and left on her own accord, but then was taken. I say who cares. If Ginny left because she wanted to leave, then let the bitch leave. Why does Alex have to find her? She obviously had tons and tons of secrets that she didn't tell him.

I have to say I became very intrigued by the dealer in the last episode. I wanted to know what Cassandra would do now that she knows Johnson killed her family. I didn't care too much for Johnson and it's mostly do to the fact that the show just made him so unlikable and I don't think that was their intention. He is just as much of a player in this twisted game, but I guess it's because he goes along with it is what I don't like about him the most.

I know this show got a raw deal. Their production was cut short and they're basically cancelled; however, unlike most shows that get cancelled, this show had a good premise. Yes, you can definitely make the case that no one wants to see the rich play games with people's lives (they already do that already if you ask me), it's rather sickening. But, I was hoping the show would change as it went on like the gamblers would become the hunted and so the player would hunt each one down and bring them to justice or at the very least try to bring down the ring that holds the bet in the first place.

I guess we will never know now.

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