Thursday, November 26, 2015

How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Midseason Finale

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Just when I think I'm going to quit this show, it just sucks me back in all over again. I still think that you only have to watch the premieres and the finales for this show since everything in the middle is just blah, but when they do their finales, you just know you're in for a ride. Let's get started.

I was right! Well, sort of. I did think it was Asher killed the prosecutor, he just didn't kill her by pushing over the balcony. Instead, he killed her by running a car over her. Messy, but does the job and this was an actual murder unlike Sam's death. Rebecca's death was a murder too, but let's stick to the prosecutors murder. Asher was upset and blamed the prosecutor for digging up dirt on his father that was leaked by Annalise (which Asher doesn't know), which led to Asher's father to commit suicide. Everything always comes back to Annalise. If she would just go to jail or in Bonnie's case--die--they would all be probably living a better life. Jail has to better than lives they are living now. It looks like it will destroy them all.

Bonnie called Annalise and Annalise made a devious plan to blame the death on Catherine since Catherine is working to some capacity with the incestuous son and probably did know the gun was there. But it all felt too contrived, kind of like Castle right now. Anyway, the only way to sell it was for Annalise to get shot, but who would do the shooting? Before I watched the episode, I really thought it was going to be either Bonnie or Laurel. Bonnie probably would have done it to be perfectly honest, if she wasn't already trying to care of Asher. I knew Michaela and Connor wouldn't have done it because they're the ones that freak out in situations like these, which is why they had to be reeled back in by Bonnie. I was actually shocked that Laurel couldn't do it. She's the most level headed of them all and keeps her head on tight in situations like these, but even she's not as crazy as Annalise, which is actually a good thing. It means Laurel can still be saved.

Then there's Wes. I thought we were done killing people Wes? Annalise must have struck a nerve when she finally admitted that Rebecca has been dead all this time. The man shot to kill her and he was going to shoot her a second time until Annalise whispered the french name Christophe, which I'm guessing is Wes's real name. It seems that Sam's death may not be the first time Annalise covered up a murder. She is DEFINITELY NOT Wes's mother, but did Annalise kill Wes's mother? Eve knows the details that's for sure.

Just so I get it and you get it, Frank drugged and kidnapped Catherine and left her in the woods to get the blame of shooting Annalise and killing the prosecutor. Annalise said she's doing all of this to keep Nate safe. I guess he should be happy about it. Oh thank you Annalise for manipulating evidence and framing someone like you did me. At least I wasn't your victim this time. Nate picked up the kids after Wes shot Annalise. Eventually Michaela meets up with Caleb at her apartment and Bonnie ends up taking care of Asher as they wash her care with blood on it. Don't forget to wash the inside of her truck. Blood stains can be a real bitch!

We still have to deal with Asher reporting something to the cops and the fact that the incestuous son was outside the house the whole time and probably heard the gun shot and saw people running. And did Catherine really do it? Something tells me it was Caleb. Michaela does have bad taste in men after all. Does Annalise survive? Of course she does. That one shouldn't even be up for debate.

One thing is for sure, the Keating 5 are all murders now. Can't wait for the next murder when HTGAWM comes back.

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