Thursday, November 12, 2015

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Hey People,

S1 E7
The Player vs. a vigilante out for revenge on those that took his house from him. In the end, he stops the vigilante and saves other people from dying.

The Pit Boss was in fact a player and all previous pit bosses used to be players. Apparently this pit boss is the legendary favorite and Alex is on track to beat him. The Pit Boss's friend got killed who was part of the council which means none of them are safe since someone is after them.

The Dealer was dealing with locating Ginny, but the lead went cold.

S2 E7
Annalise needs to make up her damn mind if she likes Nate or Eve. I say go with Eve just because she's a nicer and more fun Annalise when she's with her. Nate was in court yet again to protest the test on his wife's blood that would show if she was murdered or not by pills. In the end, Eve got him off and she got a rendezvous with Annalise. Well played Eve.

Wes found Levi's gun and is keeping it just in case, but we see that he or someone else uses the night Annalise gets shot. So what's so special about Annalise and Wes? There is definitely something going on between the two and Eve knows what's up and proud of Annalise for it. It's still not her son I don't care what others say.

Oliver now officially works for Annalise and Connor isn't like it one bit and he has every right to feel this way. Save Oliver, Connor! Now more than ever since the rejected son from the foster kids' case has shown up on Oliver's doorstep and just invited his ass in. If Oliver dies, it's his own damn fault for not heeding warnings.

I was right about Asher. He was a bystander and because of Bonnie's past, it doesn't sit with her. Speaking of Bonnie, I believe it was revealed that she killed the prosecutor in last week's episode, but I'm not 100% sure yet. It showed her standing at the balcony, but something tells me she didn't do it. THEORY: I have my money on Asher being the one that pushed the prosecutor over the edge.

Laurel and Frank are still getting on my nerves. That is all folks.

S3 E6
There are no redeemable qualities in Tom. He just sucks all around now. Kills a guy who was being blackmailed just to get to Karakurt.

I don't know people. I thought this season would be really good because Red and Liz are on the run, but compared to all the other shows I watch, this has to be at the bottom of the list. I'm not looking forward to this show like I once was. Even comparing it to newcomers like Blindspot and The Player, I prefer to watch those than The Blacklist, which is in its 3rd season and therefore I should have more loyalty to it than the others. Also, Blindspot has given more answers and is less formulated than The Blacklist. Blindspot is making The Blacklist look bad to be perfectly honest. Like I said folks, I don't have as much time as I used to and before I cut a show out I always ask myself if I'm okay not knowing how the show ends and right now I can claim okay with not knowing. But for now, we continue. I'll let you know about my final decision.

Anyway, Red and Liz steal Mr. Kaplan's getaway money and offers him deal to which he declines. That's all that really happened. There was more action than that, but that about sums up the episode. Yes, taking smart people's brains to an ark (plane) to store them and transfer them to a new body was also a plot point, but when the guy got killed so did the dream.

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