Sunday, November 15, 2015

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Hey People,

S6 E5
I'm guessing Rick ran all the way home and finally kissed the girl. Tara has a new girlfriend at least her standards are higher this time. I didn't like the last one.

Maggie was going to search for her husband and Aaron was going to go with her. I guess he didn't want to sit around and wallow in pity because the wolves people came to Alexandria because of his backpack. Eventually Maggie comes to her senses and realizes heading out will lead directly to their deaths.

Deanna wants to live and her son Spencer seems like he's just waiting for death to claim him.

The show is still going slow, but surprisingly, I like it. It's not slow as in boring, but instead slow as in it's only been 2 days since the premiere of the season.

Oh and Glenn is still dead, but I bet we'll see him as a Walker soon probably.

S1 E7
I guess I didn't watch the last 5 minutes of the previous episode before this because I didn't even know Simon found out about the twins and he was locked up in the closet. I guess I lost interest because the show went soap opera on me. And if it turns out that the twins are behind the attack I'm totally done with this show. I'm not a Muslim, but I don't need to watch stereotypes of that nature in my shows. It's insulting. Oh and Natalie told O'Connor Booth is helping Alex in the future.

Everyone knows about the twins now after passing the exam. I knew anyone who walked out of that door would be kicked out. Alex blackmailed O'Connor in giving Booth his title back and he left by the end of the episode (I watched the whole thing this time), but I'm pretty sure he'll be back.Caleb is back as a NAT again. I actually liked him as an analyst and thought he was better suited as one. Natalie is annoying as ever, but at least she let Alex and Booth go in the future.

Speaking of the future, the twins were working a case and they're not terrorists. YAY! It seems like everyone is helping Alex out now.

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