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S1 E3
Supergirl wants to be Supergirl and doesn't want Superman to come rescue her when she's in trouble. Fair enough. I mean you can't blame the girl for wanting to step out of her cousin's shadow. Speaking of her cousin, Supergirl let it slip during the interview with Cat that they were cousins. I didn't think it was a big deal, but everyone was in an uproar about it.

The villain of the week had a grudge against Superman because his wife died at a power plant that they both worked in. Superman saved millions of people, just not his wife. He got exposed to all the radiation, so in real life he would have been dead by now, not blowing power from his that could take down Supergirl, but whatever, I'll go with it. This is a show about an alien after all. Superman could barely handle this guy before and so Jimmy (I refuse to call him James) bat signaled Superman to come to the rescue. Supergirl was pissed, but in the end she took down the bad guy something Superman couldn't even do.

So what did we learn? That the Kardashians live in our universe and their universe (oh how I wish they were fake), Homeland is still a show, and some techie that works at CATCO knows Superman and Supergirl's secret. Honestly, why would they talk about their identity when they're at work? Don't they know the company can see all that you do on your company computer? They may be strong, but they're dumb when it comes to tech.

S2 E5
To all those that quit JtV because Jane chose Michael, aren't true fans of JtV. I would have still watched and I did watch. I hate that she chose Michael, but he's not a bad guy that is until this episode. Man, I didn't know Rafael got under Michael's skin so much to the point that he would push a guy carrying a baby. What the hell was he thinking?

No, Jane will not end up with Michael and I'm still pretty sure Michael will die. Let's not forget what the best narrator ever said before. He will love Jane until his last breath. That spews he's going to die. Why else would you say that? Anyway, Michael is out of the picture for now and he was taken by Nadine anyway. Since he just lost his job, it would be fitting for him to join Rose and Nadine. What else is he going to do? I don't think Jane will choose Rafael right away especially since he knows she didn't choose him and she didn't believe him so there is definitely stuff they have to work out.

Xiomara had a felony that will get expunged so she can be Alba's sponsor and Rogelio got over what Brittany Spears did to him (made him look stupid at a latin music award) because he called the paparazzi on Brittany when he was with her one time.

As for Petra, she got married to Milos, who is smuggling weapons to sell them. The marriage was doomed before it began.

P.S. Brittany did an okay job at acting the good thing about this show is you can over-exaggerate your lines so it worked out for her.

P.P.S. It was great to see Petra and Jane getting along. I look forward to seeing more of that.

S1 E8
So Mayfair is gay. Got to admit did not see that one coming. Anyway, she wasn't originally down with Daylight that's basically code for PRISM that the NSA uses. She rounded up bad guys using info received illegally and used it to put guys away masquerading it as if the bad guy we found in the woods was a CI giving her all the info. However, her girlfriend and that douche of a guy from the CIA talked her into it. Eventually, her girlfriend saw the error in their ways and ended her life because of it.

Weller doesn't trust Mayfair anymore or her decisions because she abused her power. He kept 2nd guessing her and just because they had a nice chat at the end doesn't mean to me that this conversation is over.

The tattoo of the week had our team trying to find cop killers and as it twist it turned out the killers were other cops. Sounds fitting to me. They were using their body-cameras to blackmail people. One of them being a closeted footballer. The pro said if he came out no one would want him. Yea, he could tour daytime shows but at the end of the day, he wouldn't be able to get signed. Here's what I think about that. If he is a good football player, I don't think anyone would give 2 shits. If anything, they'll just say how great you are at handling balls.

By the end of the episode, we got to see a girl's night out and I hope we get to see more of them in the future. Patterson is such a lightweight. Zapata gets a visit from douche face about the file she gave him. He blackmails her saying if she didn't provide more info, she can kiss her career goodbye. Oh Zapata, never make a deal with the devil and think it'll only be a one time thing.

GOOD NEWS: Blindspot has been renewed for a 2nd season! So it will definitely be back next year. At least I hope it'll be back next year. There has been rumors going around that their set isn't the happiest place on earth right now. Makeup artists and hairdressers are being fired. Jaimie Alexander (Jane) is being called difficult to work with, allegedly believes the tattoos on her body are toxic, and supposedly doesn't get along Sullivan Stapleton (Kurt Weller), and therefore tons of body-doubles are being used (I'll keep an eye out for them). Please tell me these rumors aren't true. The last thing I need is another diva on set ruining a good show (I'm talking about you, Julianna MarguLIES). As long as the story isn't influenced by the drama on set, I'll continue to watch. But just for the record, no one likes a bitch, no matter how good you are.

S8 E6
For the future, if they can't get Stana Katic to be in an episode, don't do an episode. It's just so weird to not have her in one. They should have just gone another week with a repeat. It just proves to everyone that the show may be named Castle, but Beckett is just as big of a part than he is. But it is what it is so let's get to it.

Castle reunites with Slaughter, who is being accused of killing the victim of the week. It turns out the victim was mentoring a kid that was a genius and could hack his way into any door and so the victim got the kid to hack into a building that was impregnable. Someone piggybacked off of their heist and stole money from a private bank to avoid taxes. This person turned out to be the guy in charge of the mentor program and he also had a grudge against the company.

The 1 thing I didn't care for in this episode was the police giving a shit about the rich guys money. Yes, it was stolen, but the man was hiding money to avoid taxes. I wouldn't give 2 shits about getting that money back for him.

Of course by the end of the episode someone had to tell Castle that Castle and Beckett were made for each other. Ugh, I'm just getting really sick of this. On the upside, Slaughter has a sensitive side.

Tonight is the night. It's do or die time for Castle. All Castle has to do is make sense of the reason why Beckett chose the case over her husband. The writers said everything would make sense by the end of tonight's episode and that's what I'm hoping for because if not, than I'm out for good and I'm going to act like this season didn't happen and that Castle ended on the last episode of season 7.

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