Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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S4 E5
I'm actually shocked that they moved the story on so quickly with Dawson. Not that I don't think she's fit enough to go back to work, but I thought they might want to sit on this plot for a while with her. We got one scene in the beginning and that was it. Not only that, but I thought it would create tension for Dawson and Casey and give them something to fight over because I don't ship them all. Although, that could still happen later down the road. I will tell you this though, I was mad as hell when the Riddler (I like the nickname) thought she should sit out until she's mentally stable even though she was cleared to get back to work. So glad that Dawson threatened him.

Severide is not getting his position back as head of the squad because he doesn't care for the politics (no one does at 51). But I hate how the Captain, went behind everyone's back just to suck up to the Riddler. First a 2nd there I thought Boden called in the press to save face with the Riddler, but it turned out to be Riddler's bitch that did and he took all the credit too. The Riddler is a lose lose situation. If they go after him, he'll just make their lives a living hell for losing the spot for commissioner, but if they don't, they would just be playing the same political game as the rest of them with no guarantee the Riddler will be off their back in the future.

Chili and the new candidate are already locking lips, but it was revealed that Chili isn't the type of girl that settles, but obviously the boy is. Can he change her mind. I doubt it, but we'll see. Don't say I didn't warn you kid. And who knew Brett could sing? The wedding was a great idea and dare I say better than what Boden got.

Congratulations Chicago Fire! You've already been renewed for a 5th Season. Well that was fast.

S1 E8

Naz has been paying terrorists to get back her kid. Ugh never negotiate with terrorists. Anyway, the Finch project is put on hold but Brian and Rebecca try to clear her name and get her nice back. We actually end up meeting Naz's who definitely wanted a kiss at the end of the episode and I sort of think Naz gave her blessing to Brian to date her daughter. Did not see that one coming.

In the end, the niece is safe, Naz is back at her desk and we find out Boyle van be a real team player. Let's not forget, Rebecca now knows about Brian's extra NZT. She's going to be asking some questions tonight.

P.S. Rose is alive! I repeat, Rose is alive! OITNB

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