Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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Hey People,

S2 E11
It's true dedication when you recap from your desk at work. Lucious will never be as good as Cookie at least that's what I learned last week. He can act as tough as he wants, Cookie will always have that good ear. But Cookie lets her cookie doing the talking sometimes, Hakeem is definitely the son of Cookie because he does the same thing.

Cookie is literally sleeping with the enemy and I want to know who is going to shoot who first when the guns come out. But at least she's setting up for the next big event for Dynasty. Lucious just partnered with a music streaming company with the help of the lesbian from hell. Lesbians were upset with the scene of her and Lucious trying to have a 3sum, but I didn't see anything wrong. They weren't going to take turns with each other but the girl. To each their own.

Isn't it cute how Cookie and Jamal sneak around? Jamal always knew he would be better than his daddy, but he'll always need the help of his mom. And Hakeem is finally starting to grow. He put his job as partner ahead of his feelings. As for Andre, I do not trust that pastor. He's definitely corrupt someway. Maybe Lucious already paid him off or something.

Mirage a trois was having some issues, but Hakeem trained her to talk the talk and Tiana showed her how to walk the walk. Now everyone knows who the lead is.

Luv ya,

P. S. How did Cookie spend like 3 days in bed? Please tell me she took a shower.

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