Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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S2 E6
I hate Lucious, but what else is new? He torments Hakeem and tells him he made a beat just for him and then when Hakeem rejects him once again, Lucious just gives it to the female rapper who likes to kick people in the face and then say he made it for her.

Cookie is getting in bed with the devil or should I say bull? I actually thought of this scenario when we first meet this expensive security guard. You get your boys to kidnap Hakeem and then hire him as the security. Speaking of Hakeem, he was having some PTSD, but got over it by the end of the episode. I kind of feel bad for Boo Boo Kitty because she slept with him again. It was a bit random for me. I don't think they're using BBK like they should this season. She's a strong woman and they made her into this weak thing. Is it wrong that I'm still rooting for BBK and Hakeem? I know I said before that I like Hakeem and the lead singer of his Spanish group, but I like BBK and him too. We shall see.

Jamal is sick and tired of being promoted as a gay artist and so he hired an old friend of Lucious and when I say friend I don't mean a friend at all.

I also feel bad for Andre, but then again Empire is what he wanted and that's what he got. His father telling him he didn't put him in charge, but put him in place was just cold. I always hope Andre will come to his senses and leave from there. I do like the artist that he's backing and speaking of him there has been some controversy of him and Becky's love scene. I loved it and enjoyed every minute of it. It's about time we got to see a big girl get down with her bad self. Haters are gonna hate.

P.S. I wonder if we'll ever hear Porsha rap.
P.P.S. Where is Tiana?

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