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S1 E5 & E6
The Player vs the boy, actually it was more like the player vs the Chinese executioners since they were the ones after the boy. The boy was a genius and created another Silk Road, but since being caught he turned good and was trying to secure the American government by finding cracks in it and he jut so happened to find a virus that would let the Chinese control missiles, drones, and other dangerous weapons. Alex helps the boy not get killed because he's the only one who could recognize the code. In the end, the boy was exonerated from all crimes and promised to help the government. 

We find out that Ginny is still alive and I have no idea what the fuck she's doing. Chick was talking to somebody. The dealer saw Ginny's body was switched for another so now she definitely knows something is up. As for the pit boss, he was handling the million dollar gambler who was breaking the rules by not only gambling on a bet he had a personal stake in, but he also was gambling on the side. Apparently, if you break the rules twice, the price is death. 

This game is too high for my blood.

The Player vs weird deity lover who kidnaps his annoying niece. Okay I'm going to say it since no one else is. That girl was annoying. "Oh, I wanted to steal a snow globe as a present for you." WTF kid? Was it wrong for me to wish the guy actually did cut off her head? Yes, but it would have been well deserved.

Anyway, this probably was the worst episode so far just because of the annoying kid, but on the bright side we did get to see the Pit Boss kill a guy with such ease and he's actually helping the Player find his ex-wife. I still don't get what the Pit Boss is up to.

If you haven't heard The Player was reduced aka the show is being cancelled, so enjoy it while it lasts. I still think this is an incredible show that has such potential.  

S2 E5 & E6
So much happening! Annalise is losing control over everything. Nate finds out about his wife trying to commit suicide with Annalise's help and she thought this would be a perfect time for him to come clean about Wes and him working together, but instead he keeps silent. Annalise eventually confronts him about Wes and I guess we'll see the result of their talk tonight.

Since Levi got arrested for drug possession planted by Frank, I'm guessing he's out of the picture, at least for now. Wes and the group follow up on another seed Frank planted and it leads them to a ton of cash. I would be satisfied with this, but I'm guessing Wes won't be. What will they do with the money. Split it among themselves probably.

Connor doesn't give 2 shits anymore about what Annalise thinks; however, maybe now him, Michaela, and Laurel will be submissive to Annalise's warning. In their defense, their suspicions were warranted, especially when theyc ould have been avoided with Annalise just telling them the truth about Bonnie.

Speaking of Bonnie, we find out a lot about her past. She was a sexually abused child, which kind of explains why she's always seeking approval from Annalise. The theory could still be in play, but this also could explain things as well. Asher still believes Bonnie killed Sam and he was going to turn her in because he believes the truth will eventually catch up to your lies. I'm guessing he's speaking with experience, yet we still don't know what the experience was. I'm not going to lie to you folks. I actually did not hate the prosecutor this time around. She was actually making some sense about how killing is wrong no matter the reason why and Annalise should know better. I also have to say I liked the judge because she didn't buy into Annalise's bullshit. Oh, I just find it on my desk. Oh, please Annalise.

The biggest surprise was in the future Asher was their at the house with Bonnie. So glad he's not the sober guy in The Hangover and misses out on the fun everyone's having. The only problem is Asher goes to the police requesting to make a statement. This isn't good.

P.S. I love how Michaela now always thinks if she finds her boy toys with another guy, her mind automatically thinks he's gay.

Again, I don't know why people think Annalise is Wes's mother. That should be squashed by now. I also hate how Annalise blatantly lied to the boy about Rebecca. And she doesn't understand why the boy doesn't trust her.

Nate decided to end his wife's life and is in depression mode. Michaela was asked out by Caleb. Does this mean the incest rumor wasn't true? Because I really thought it was and they were just denying it. Michaela has a bad taste picking out guys so let's not be too hasty with this one.

Asher seems to be getting used to the idea that Bonnie is a murderer, but Bonnie is going to find out Asher's past that involves a gang rape. Based on the way Asher reacted to Bonnie's rape, I don't think he was a part of it. I think he was a bystander.

Laurel and Frank are getting annoying. I'm actually starting to really hate Frank. He invited Laurel to his families house. Ugh, if Frank could get murdered by the end of this season that would be great. There are times that I think even Laurel doesn't really like him.

As for the future, it seems like Frank is setting up Catherine to take the fall for killing the prosecutor. Man is twisted.

S3 E4 & E5
Ending each episode with Tom is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Ugh, I get it he loves Liz and wants to save her.

The number of the week was a woman who grants people desires and it just so happened that she had two names of people in the Cabal. I kind of felt bad for the woman or should I say man? His father cut off his penis and changed him into a girl just because he's gay. That's fucked up. Was it bad of me that I was rooting for the father to die the entire time? I don't think so.

Ressler and Samar are still trying to piece together what Liz and Red are up to and Cooper and Tom are taking the rich man's route and hoping that some way it connects them to Karakurt. As for Dembe, he got shot by Pee Wee. WTF Pee Wee? I forgot that he was in this show before and now it turns out he works for the Cabal as well? Please tell me The Blacklist isn't turning into The Following where it turned out everyone was a part of the cult. But I am really enjoying this season overall.

Again, the episode ends with Tom. I'm never going to win am I? But at least his storyline is becoming more interesting to me.

Liz was being hunted by assassins because of a crowdfunding website. I knew it was the girl who put Liz on the site. I'm just glad they didn't kill her.

Ressler has to work with a Cabal leader. This is totally stupid. You don't have to be a genius to figure out how unethical this arrangement is, even if they don't want another 9/11 to happen. You definitely don't clear the guy to work a case that he's being investigated for. That makes no sense. Fail The Blacklist.

Dembe isn't dead! For a second there, I thought he was. At least Pee Wee is gone. That mofoing traitor.

P.S. Father/Daughter or May/December? I feel May/December.

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