Sunday, November 8, 2015

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Iey People,

S6 E4
Well this was a waste of an episode and it didn't have to be either. This should have been the premiere of the season, instead of the filler that we got. I really hate fillers and I hate them even more when a show like this is already short to begin with. However, as much as this was a filler, it wasn't a bad filler. I always liked TWD's fillers and this was no different. 

The episode was focused on Morgan and his journey from the last time we saw him. I'll break it down for you. Morgan went nuts after losing his son. He felt the only reason he was still alive was to kill everyone else that was left and if he died doing that, then that would safe him the trouble of doing it himself. He meets a guy who practices a type of fighting that doesn't allow you to kill others, even the most heinous. He shows this peaceful practice to Morgan and that's basically how Morgan becomes the way he is now. Of course, the guy dies and has a sad story of his own to begin with (wife, daughter, and son were murdered by a killer in prison he wouldn't let him get parole), but the story didn't surprise no one. 

The episode ends with Rick calling out to open the gate. Obviously, the RV started, but I can't believe people still think Glen is alive. GLEN IS DEAD!

S1 E6
What is happening to this show? I thought this would be the next action show I needed in my life but it's turning into a soap. It's soapier than Empire! 

Alex finds out Booth is an agent and has been assigned to him. Miranda made everyone know the truth about her son, who did achieve parole, and made an assignment of surveillance on her son. One of the twins (I still don't care to know the difference yet) made out with Simon and took off her hijab. I'm offended for Muslims because that was just plain stupid. We find out in the future Shelby is now sleeping with Caleb's dad. Eww to the extreme. And Natalie is still annoying as ever and no one cares the fuck about.

Seriously what is happening to this show? Let's get back on track writers because the last thing I need is this great potential of a show going down the tube.

Luv ya,

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