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Hey People,

Wow just noticed the only network I'm not watching tonight is Fox. Welcome back Castle, maybe you can wake yourself up from the dead.

S1 E2
Supergirl has some corny moments, but I can't deny that I still find it charming, and therefore I am adding it to my list, probably because of nostalgia.

Anyway, it turns out you really can't become a superhero overnight. It takes practice. So Supergirl starts learning the ropes. It turns out in the baddie we saw in the premiere wasn't her mom, but her mom's twin sister, and she's trying to save the world like communists try to save the world--world dominance.

Supergirl learns that she can't do this alone and she can't rely on her superpowers to help save the day. You need experience.

Biggest surprise of the night, the guy in charge DEO is not human. I repeat, there is an alien among us. There is an alien among us!

S2 E4
I can't believe I forgot about Luisa and her kidnapping last recap. She thought Rose kidnapped her and it appears to be an enemy of Rose that has. At least, she was let go, probably because her kidnappers were sick of her demands and wasn't gaining anything from keeping her, but if I had to take a real guess, I would say it's because Rose made a deal with her enemy, which led to Luisa being set free. Oh the relationship between Rose and Luisa is crazy one, but somehow I still root for them anyway, even after Rose killed her father and kidnapped Jane's baby.

Jane has finally made a decision and she chose Michael. The sad thing is Rafael also knows who Jane has chosen and he won't be happy about it. I'm actually interested to see how he will handle the situation.

So Rogelio used to be a Scientologist. To each their own, but still... Anyway, Rafael made a lot of confessions and I think we all know Xiomara will get her hands on them and binge the shit out of them.

Milo is back in town and demanded Petra marry him. Maybe Petra and Rafael will get back together, not because Rafael loves her (he made that perfectly clear), but because he needs to make Jane jealous and Petra needs a way out of her marriage proposal. But JtV is too smart for that, right?

S1 E7
When I need a show to deliver, I look to Blindspot and it fills the void, unlike some other shows I can name right now. This time Jane's tattoos lead them to a treasure hunt. Damn the person who inked her planned out everything to the T. The team had to extract a man from the woods that couldn't be found for years. Along the way, Zapata breaks it down for Weller that he's more invested in Jane than needed and worse of it is that he doesn't know that he is. We also find out that Jane knows how to fly a helicopter, but doesn't like flying when someone else is in control.

I said it before and I'll say it again, I love the side characters in this show. Patterson following the clues with her boyfriend was super cute and I'm upset that they broke up. I don't hate on Patterson for putting her career first, but I hope this isn't the last we see of her boyfriend. I was hoping he would be hired as a consultant. They obviously work well together.

As for Mayfair, the lies have caught up to her and she'll finally have to disclose to Weller the truth about Daylight. Now can we find out about Daylight?

S8 E5
Okay they may still not be together, but let's put that to the side for now and just talk about how funny that episode was. We got an ass shot and fart. Juvenile, yes. Funny, hell yes.

For the record, I will always claim MadTV > SNL so when I saw Stephnie Weir was in this episode, I l knew it was going to be funny. I'm so glad she was in most of the episode because she was hilarious. She used her nose to sniff out the killer, but in the end, like always, it took Castle and Beckett to come together and solve the case. The case was pretty good too. A transporter stole a painting from another transporter, but then gave a fake painting to other transporter when he asked for it back. The transporter with the real painting was then going to give it to the family that it truly belonged to, but the brother of the transporter, who painted the fake, killed his own brother to sell the painting and settle his gambling debt. Sad really, but at least the Van Gogh ended up at a museum. But I really want Stephnie's character to stick around. Maybe she can be the Castle's assistant at his PI. Make it work writers. You have nothing going for you except for this episode so far.

Okay back to the mess of the season, Beckett came back to get her stuff and while she was there she sniffed Castle's shirt. When Castle returned to his studio, he saw a Beckett's shirt and decided to sniff it. Everyone was in a sniffing mood. I'll say it in every single recap. Bitch still does not make any sense and it's even worse to be reminded every episode how everyone keeps telling Castle that she's still madly in love with him when she says the things she says to him to push him away and he's there standing like an idiot and thinking of ways to get her back with the help of Lucy, who I think is fucking pointless to have around. Lucy can suck trash from a trash can because that's where she'll end up in my house. Bitch is annoying too, but mostly pointless.

Finally, let me take the time to say I told you so. Well, I didn't really completely tell you so, but I did guess right that one of the boys would become sergeant. I just guessed wrong on who it would be. Esposito is now officially Ryan's boss and I have to say I really wish it was the other way around. Ryan is more boss material (most of the time, in this episode he was just saying all the wrong things), he's more mature (again, most of the time), and he really needs the money. But there has only been a few things the writers have gotten right this year so I really shouldn't expect much. Now who's ready for session 1 of therapy?

2 more episodes to go until D-day.

P.S. Hayley was around, but really wasn't important to this episode. I like the actress, but can we switch her with nose girl?

Luv ya,

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