Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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S4 E4
I don't know what it was, but I was crying like crazy in this episode. Maybe it was the fact that Dawson lost her baby, but I knew that was going to happen (It's a firefighter show after all) and I still cried anyway. Just seeing Casey try to explain to her the 2nd time that she lost her baby. Damn that was sad. But what really got was Herrmann's confession about his first pregnancy being a miscarriage. It's crazy sad.

Another moment I cried was Severide meeting the kid he saved earlier in the episode. You could tell that kid looked up to him and I'm glad Severide told him he just made his day because he really could have been a bitch to the kid because of the day he was having, but he didn't. It was upsetting that the guy who acted like a 2nd father to him was behind the files be stolen. At least the case can be put to rest and Severide is single once again.

Bit you know who won't be single for long? Chili. I see romance in her future and his name is Candidate. I really should learn his name. But the new candidate did a solid for everyone when he helped saved Molly's from those evil Portland couple. He made Molly's an historical site so it can't be shut down. Eat that Portland couple! I hope they played that music twice as loud from now on. Again who moves close to a bar and then starts complaining? They are giving Portlanders a bad name.

S1 E7
I am going to admit this right now and I hope to not get killed for it but I hated Ferris Buller's Day Off. Only because I really hate people like that, who can get away with doing stuff like that and not get caught. I wanted him to get caught the whole time. Ugh Ferris Buller can go suck it in my book.

Anyway, We found Uncle Vernon from Empire and he's alive! But sadly still dies by the end of the episode. We find Brian trying to play hookey for work and gets abducted by the CIA. It was an off the book assignment so CIA agents could get paid, but people turned on each other and in the end, all 3 CIA agents end up dead and the guy they wanted to kill/turn in escaped. It's not clear if he was going to die, he was definitely hallucinating, but I think he survived. It's debatable.

Brian saw a lot of things that he isn't used to and Rebecca wants to make sure the new life Brian has stumbled on doesn't harden him as a person.

Every time I begin a recap, I tell myself I'm going to write it down, but I end up forgetting so let me say it now. Limitless has been given a full season order! In case you missed it.

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