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Okay so I watched Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and even though I didn't like the premise, the trailer, and the actual name of the show, I decided to hold my judgment until I watched. I learned my lesson with Jane the Virgin to never judge a show before watching it and now that I've watched it, I can judge. I won't be adding this to my list. Even though I love the musical numbers, I just can't get behind this crazy bitch. I get she wasn't happy with her life, but to move to a place just to try to be with a guy to the point that she's stalking him is where I draw the line. I can't root or her. The bitch is crazy, funny, but crazy. And now back to our recap.

S2 E1
Before I start remember this? Did you know they do have a category for outstanding narration on a TV show for the Emmy Awards and Jane the Virgin lost? That is just ridiculous.

So I forgot to mention in the finale review that Rogelio and Xiomara got married, but Xo said last week that it would be annulled, but something tells me that it won't.

I knew Jane would blame herself for the kidnapping of her baby, but I'm glad they didn't spend half the season trying to get him back. Rose wanted her brooch and she got it back and in exchange, Jane got Mateo back.

Petra still wants Rafael back and because of Luisa's really bad advise, she inseminates Rafael's sperm. Something tells me it might have not been Rafael's but the sperm of Scott, the assistant. This is a telenovela after all.

I have no idea what's going to happen with this love triangle, but all I can say is this show still hasn't missed a beat yet.

S8 E3 & E4
There are still not together and everything is just a repeat of what happened to Beckett in her mother's case. She has 2nd thoughts about taking the case on. Someone is there to tell her if she continues, it'll kill her. She goes through with it anyway. Same old, same old. The worse of it is Castle being there trying to win her back. PATHETIC!

Beckett: I will always love you, Rick.
Castle: So why can't we be together?
Beckett: I can't tell you. You'll just have to trust me.

Bitch you make no sense right now.

Anyway, the case-of-the-week was a throwback to Veronica Mars involving the inmates vs the prison guards psyche experiment. One of the inmates ended up killing another inmate after they escaped because she really did go crazy. I'm pretty sure she can plea insanity on this one.

Let's not forget about the 21 Jump Street fail Esposito and Ryan did. They weren't fooling anyone. But what surprised me the most is how much Castle pimped out his daughter. He was always against putting his daughter in trouble and now he doesn't mind using her for a case.

SMH to this whole episode.

Yup, you guessed it, they are still not together yet.

Case-of-the-week: Castle and gang track down the killer of a pathological liar. We meet a blind priest (Ugly Betty!), who mismanaged funds which led said liar to city hall to switch not paid to paid, but during the switch finds out someone has been stealing money. But all of this doesn't matter because in the end, the wife killed the liar because he lied about being rich. The End. Even the cases are starting to suffer. Most of the episode was pointless because the slush fund had nothing to do with his death.

Esposito and Ryan are both taking the sergeant test and I think only one of them will pass (most likely Ryan), which will cause some tension for the two.

Beckett is still ignoring Castle and Castle is still trying to win her back. YUCK! How hasn't Alexis or Martha not try to beat the shit out of Beckett yet? That bitch still doesn't make any sense.

I still don't trust these writers and they haven't assured me of anything. Until the 7th episode, I said. That's all they get. And so far I don't trust that they will deliver.

S1 E3 & E4
So Jane really is Taylor Shaw. I'm glad it really worked out this way because I would have been upset if it turned out to be not true. To tell her who she could have been and just take it away like that would have been too much for her. Besides, this gives Weller a connection with Jane now that is deeper than we first realize.

The tattoo of the week led us to a group that steals high end shit and when you get too greedy something bad always happens. In the end, all the team members die and one of them knew Jane. All Jane could get out of him before he died was Orion, which could be many things. Not very helpful dead man.

The big takeaway from this episode is Mayfair knows things. She is convinced that Jane's tattoos will lead to Daylight. We don't know what that is yet, but apparently only 3 people do. Mayfair would have killed Jane if it weren't for the fact it would draw more attention to the case. Damn it, Mayfair. I thought you were cool like that, but I guess not.

P.S. Jane gets to be on the team and carry a gun. No more wait in the car in her future.
P.P.S. Are will still going to keep calling her Jane or switch to Taylor? I need to know!

Okay I take that back, she is not Taylor Shaw or maybe she is. Ahhh, I don't know!

Tattoo of the week: We find our team at the CDC trying to get a head start on a possible outbreak. It turns out, the head doctors that worked for the CDC were behind outbreaks in the previous years. They were behind the Ebola outbreak in Africa! Crazy! Anyway, the team stopped the deadliest of them all before it could spread.

Weller told Jane about his father being blamed for her kidnapping and Jane realized that Weller has blamed himself for her kidnapping for 25 years.

I like how we're getting to know Reade and Zapata, especially now that we know Zapata is in some major gambling debt. 40K? Damn, girl goes hard! We also find our Reade doesn't really hate Jane, he just doesn't like how Weller reacts when Jane's around. Can he sense that love is in their future like I can? Let's not forget Dr. Patterson's boyfriend. I hope we see more of him and Patterson solving the puzzle.

I do think she is Taylor Shaw because if she wasn't, then why would she remember bits and pieces of that night? So what about her tooth? I don't maybe they gave implemented false teeth into her, just to make it that much harder to identify her. That's all I got for now.

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