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S4 E1
Remember this? Because I didn't, but I'm so glad they came up with a new poster. It really wouldn't have made sense if they kept the last one. Onward with the recap.

So Casey's situation with the strip club was wrapped up pretty quickly, at least for now. I don't think it's over yet, especially with Nesbitt playing both the FEDs and the mobsters. He can't be touched by the cops because he's an informant and he still makes money with his illegal business. I'm actually shocked he's not dead yet because you would think the mob would have a hitman come after him. Anyway, with the close call Dawson had with the fire, Casey finally realized what was important to him so when he confessed Dawson was still important to him, Dawson confessed that she was pregnant. Is it wrong for me to hope that it's a false positive? Because I really want that to happen right now.

Out of nowhere Severide loses his rank. He is no longer a lieutenant. Yes, there has been a lot of turnovers, but that's not Severide's fault. Now you have this captain come in to take his place and I'm not hating on the captain because it's not his fault, but damn does this situation suck. And to make matters worse, Severide has to go train in management. Yet, it seems like it won't last long since he's quitting, but we all know he'll be back in the game sooner or later.

Brett and Chilli were emotional wrecks this week as they dealt with a lost of a girl who died under their care. They made the right call. You can't save them all and at least they baby survived.

I like the new recruit Jimmy (Great to see Steven R. McQueen away from the trainwreck The Vampire Diaries), hopefully he'll stick around longer than originally intended. I saw a spark between Jimmy and Chilli. If Chilli and Brett were gay, I would totally be rooting for them to get together, but it is what it is though.

As for Boden receiving that bogus letter informing him that their fire department was too slow on the call, that was a bunch of bullshit and I'm pretty sure it'll get thrown out.

P.S. The Portland couple shouldn't be bitching about Molly's. They moved next to a bar. They got no one to complain to but themselves. What idiots!

S1 E3 & E4
Case-of-the-week: Brian and Co track down a person who was behind killing an FBI agent. It turns out not to be the over 6'5 person they were looking for, but a task force of NYPD that was behind it all. Not really interesting.

But what was really interesting was Shauna. I liked her and in a matter of seconds she was taken away from me. I get that Brian wants to keep her safe from the Sandman, but still...I'm going to miss her. Speaking of Mr. Sands, I wonder what sort of assignment he will give Brian.

Again, the case-of-the-week was pointless. It started out great with cartons and stuff, but then turned into #whothefuckcares by the middle. There were actually 3 cases going on simultaneously. 1) selling government secrets 2) the mouse and inheritance 3) stealing the NZT file from Naz. 1) It turned out to be exactly who they thought it was and caught both guys involved 2) the lawyer was blackmailing the rich guy's kids so he could get a cut 3) Brian originally made up a file for Sands, but then Sands noticed and threatened Brian by making his dad sick so then Brian had to really steal the files and he found out that Rebecca's father was part of the experiment and the FBI knows.

I'm just glad Rebecca and Brian are becoming closer buds. It's just really sad that he has to lie to her about Morra blackmailing him.

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