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S1 E2 & E3
Hap really wants to find out who pointed a gun at his face so he puts out an award to anyone that leads him to the culprit. Wick tries to use this near death experience his father just had to get back in his good graces again. Meanwhile, Wick and his partner-in-crime are trying to sell the rig, but the buyer realizes he could make more money by turning Wick and the other idiot in. Carla suspects Wick has something to do with the rig and even points the sheriff in the right direction. But in the end, the buyer ends up dead with a burn on his shoulder, just like Wick got during the oil fire fight he had with his father and Billy. I don't see how murdering someone is a better idea than stealing. His partner is an idiot. Well he was an idiot to begin with when he went along with Wicks idea to steal the rig.

Speaking of Billy, he wanted to use the $500,000 he got from Hap on another investment that was guaranteed success, but Cody wanted to use the money to buy a house. In the end, Billy sided with Cody on buying a house for them and their baby.

There were 2 newcomers tonight, Lacey, Hap's daughter, and AJ, the guy who sleeps in the guest house and is following Hap around probably because Carla is paying him so she can file for divorce and get all the money. Seems like the likely story and let us not forget that AJ and Lacey are probably going to end up being secret lovers, who have to hide it from everyone else because Lacey is from money and AJ is the driver. And of course you have the daughter hates the mother angle.

The big shocker of the night or what I'm going to call "the saw it coming shocker of the night" was finding out Hap and Jules were secret lovers before Jules hooked up with Wick. Lost all respect for Jules, but it's not like I had a lot of it to begin with.

I hope this show can become less of a cliche.

Okay that had to be the dumbest investment I've ever seen. Let me sell you my share of the property which is worth 3 times the amount of the land you're drilling today just so I can get my money now. Billy is an idiot, which makes no sense since he came up with such a brilliant idea to get the land in the first place. He deserves to lose all of his money.

Hap played Billy and now he's sleeping with his ex. At least Jules isn't a total slut, but if the man didn't make public his relationship with her when he was single why would he do it when he's married? That's just stupid. And now Hap is playing his own son by getting him to break up with Jules.

Then you got Finn (I love you Wilson, it's so weird not hearing a southern accent from him, especially when the show is placed in the south) who's hitting on a married woman. That seemed so random.

Let's not forget this whole other mess of AJ testing the dirt for something because maybe he's an illegal and this is a way for him to become a citizen. We know for sure that he's definitely going to use Lacey to find whatever he's looking for.

Honestly, this show is a bit too cliched for me. Plus, I looked into Don Johnson's past and that man is a creeper that's all I will say. The ratings suck too.

Show deleted!

S1 E2 & E3
So this show is basically trying to make everyone look like a suspect. Ryan is working undercover. The twins are twins, but if they're behind it so is Shaw. Shelby has a contact in the middle east, but this assumption just makes me feel like I'm being a racist. Simon doesn't need to wear glasses, apparently it's really hard to get out of Gaza once you're in there, and he is just trying to get too close to the twins for some reason. Natalie has a fake scar. Who has a fake scar? It's not even that big. And Caleb is a pretty good analyst, who is hiding being smart on his Facebook. I don't get why you have to hide that but whatever. Maybe he likes when people underestimate him.

The training for this week involved stopping an epidemic from happening and Alex was the only one to ever figure it out the true meaning behind the exercise is your source has to be trustworthy.

There's a new girl Natalie who was riding Alex's ass the whole episode. However, she is one of the recruits that make it into the FBI since we saw her fight with Alex in the future, but bitch is still 2nd because Alex handcuffed her to a pole.

There is a love square going on. Let's see, O'Connor had a thing with Shaw which is now over and in the future, it is revealed that he falls in love with Alex. Alex then revels that she and Natalie love Ryan and O'Connor reveals that Ryan has a family and since the ring print was still on his finger, this includes a wife. So basically he lied to Alex to get back in her good graces again and me thinks she still doesn't know in the future or she wouldn't be talking to him. For the record, I just want to state that I think it's a horrible idea for Ryan to claim Alex is the one who shot him. Wouldn't it buy her some more time if you told them it was someone else? Let's not forget Shelby's thing for Caleb, which I don't really understand. Guy is a douche

So there has been 2 theories put out there that I think are pretty good and need a mention. The first is about Simon not being gay. He did fake that picture and he's more interested in the twins than the analyst. The second is Shaw's son, who was mentioned in the future. Apparently, Shaw was blind to him, but we don't know why. Some have put it together that her son has some sort of connection to the school Shaw and O'Connor had their talk while sitting in her car. They even speculated that the person who is up for parole is her son. Good theories, I still don't have one for who set off the bomb at Grand Central, but I don't think it's Simon because he's just way too obvious at this point.

Looks like the theory about Shaw was right. Anyway, the lesson of the week was to trust your teammates and Simon failed miserably on it (apparently the first to ever do so. I find that hard to believe). He's now on probation because of it and we all know he messes up again (something to do with a bomb) and gets kicked out of Quantico. However, in the future, Alex goes to him for help and it seems that Simon became a special agent some other way. Sleeping with his boss maybe?

In the future we find out that O'Connor used to work with Alex's father and they did something really bad together. Alex's mother knows the truth, which makes me think she'll die sometime this season. Alex finds out her father was a hero, but I think that O'Connor only gave her the good stuff and left out all the terrible things he's done.

One of the twins, I don't know which twin, left, so now there is only one. I'm just waiting for Shelby and Caleb to happen at this point. And I agree with Ryan on calling Simon a creep.

This season is moving along nicely and I can tell they planned things ahead which I always appreciate.

*Congrats on Quantico getting a full season order*

S6 E1
I wasn't a big fan of the back and forth between the past and present, but it was a necessary evil I had to endure. Maybe it was the black and white. Anyway, not much happened this episode except for explaining to us what happened between Rick shooting the wife beater and everyone trying to lure thousands of Walkers away from their town. Nothing had really changed, but I'm glad Morgan is around. I swear if it weren't for him, Michonne, and Daryl, I would be gone from this show. Carol still bugs me. The less I see of her the better. So glad when Morgan called her out on her shit. Watching people, ready to pounce.

The big takeaway was the ending. They were luring the Walkers away from town and someone is making a huge noise that the Walkers are now walking towards. The sad thing is it's leading them right towards their town. I had no idea who would be making that sound, but then I read a comment that basically said payback is a bitch.

P.S. I don't know what people expect from Rick and Jessie. The man killed her husband. Yes, he deserved to die like all wife beaters do, but it really wouldn't make any sense for them to get together so fast and easily.
P.P.S. $800K for a house in Alexandria is ridiculous.

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