Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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S1 E12
HENRIETTA! NINA! FRINGE! There was a Fringe reunion, which, to me, was a far better reunion than Dexter on account of me liking Fringe a thousand times more than Dexter. I had to get that out of my system.

I didn't think Bradley Cooper would be in this show as much as he is. You know usually when they hype a show up because of a famous actor that's behind it, the actor shows up for a stunt and then bounces, but he's been recurring and I have to say I applaud his effort.

I thought this episode would focus more on Casey being killed but he was more like a bug on a windshield you just swipe away. Rebecca didn't seem too broken up about him and Boyle still thinks shooting Casey was the right call. Nothing has changed.

Instead, this episode focused on Morra and determining if Brian will stand by him or not. I knew right after the next scene of the subway tracks that Brian didn't kill Piper. He's not the killing type and if he did kill her I probably would have quit watching the show because that would have been cold blooded and totally against Brian's character. I knew he had to have planned everything and was glad by the end of the episode that I was right. I do believe Piper and think Morra is turning into an evil guy. "A man who strives for perfection is a man who won't accept imperfection" wow that is a great quote I just made up. So what happens to those that are imperfect? Will Morra get rid of them because they don't fit his utopia? There is a reason why men and women were created equally because for those who think they are higher than others think they can decide others' fates. Piper killing her boyfriend was a possibility, but we know for certain that she had a chance to kill Brian's family and she didn't. We also know Morra has threatened to kill Brian's family on numerous occasions and hasn't only to keep his control over Brian. So yes, I do believe Morra is a bigger threat.

Oh how I wish Piper could stick around. I do like her character. I just hope this isn't the last we see of this girl.

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