Sunday, January 17, 2016

Binge News

Hey People,

Okay for some reason I thought my shows were coming back and I was preparing too binge watch them all today because I worked on a Saturday. A SATURDAY, who works on a SATURDAY? I legit worked over 58 hours this week and I'm exhausted. The only good thing is every penny helps to pay off my loans. But enough about that. It turns out that most of my shows aren't even back yet or they came back 2 weeks ago and then took off last week just to return this week. I thought we had this talk before. I really hate it when they skip weeks all willy nilly like this. Run them through.

So I should be caught up this week as soon as I write my Empire midseason review. Even though I watched it awhile ago. Spoiler alert...I loved it! The show doesn't come back anytime soon so I'm in no rush.

It's great to be back on schedule again.

Luv ya,

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