Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Chicago Crossover Recap

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I thought it would be better if I did it this way since each episode from a show focuses on different things.

Herrmann got stabbed by Freddie and ended up in the hospital. They couldn't stop the bleeding and so problems kept occurring. Me thinks this will lead into Med.

Cruz felt bad inviting Freddie into the house and made it his mission to find Freddie. Eventually he did and Freddie was arrested. I thought the hunt for Freddie would feed into PD but I guess not.

In other news, Mouch get engaged. Congrats, I'm actually happy for this couple. And Chili is still fucking weird. Like seriously, what is wrong with this girl?

What a sick fuck! Who the hell over treats their patients? Not only that but kills them in the process by telling them they have cancer when they don't. I'm glad the shows didn't do a continuous storyline for the crossover, but instead took the approach of feeding one storyline and finishing it in another show, but then in that show started another storyline and continuing in the last show. It makes it seem more genuine and realistic.

I am also glad that we're starting to get a feel for these doctors. Will is an ass, but he's an ass that won't go behind your back and admits when he's wrong. April always puts her brother first and yes even I was surprised when I found out she was a nurse. Girl should be a doctor. I'm guessing their using Dawson's storyline on her. We already know Natalie's story. I'm hoping she delivers soon because I'm sick of her just being the pregnant girl. Although I thought April and Severide or Will and Natalie would be the first couple on the show, it seems that Reese may beat everyone to the finish line. Rhodes has trust issues because of his father constantly undermining him. And we still don't know much about Choi other than he used to be in the military. Let's not forget Maggie who's mom used to be a midwife.

We are making progress people.

Okay I don't know about you, but this felt more like Chicago Law than it did Chicago PD. Apparently another spin-off is in the works and I'm guessing this was a trial run (get it?). I liked it though and how anyone could complain about a hot prosecutor is beyond me.

So the overdoser and psychopathic doctor was proven guilty of all charges. This one hit closer to home since Voight's late wife was also the doctor's patient. But all it took was a slip up from the defender's lawyer to open the door to his previous patient's who never had cancer but were being treated for it for the jury to realize this man was guilty as hell.

There was also another story going on in the background Burgess trying to prove Roman's innocence by finding a gun, but it worked out in the end when Burgess and Trudy talked the brother into telling the truth. The most astonishing thing I saw was Trudy come out from her post. I only thought that happened on Fire and I'm surprised that we didn't get to see Trudy showing off her ring to everyone.

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