Monday, January 25, 2016

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S1 E10
Now that was a great episode that will have some serious consequences to it. Winn's father, Toyman, breaks out of prison to once again try to kill his boss. This time not because his boss stole his idea of a toy, but because he wanted to get back at him for stealing his time with his son since he's been in jail all this time. I have to say they came up with some great ways to use Supergirl's power breath, inhaling the toxin and exhaling cold winds that froze sands and made ice cube that stopped a bomb from killing the Toy Con. I'm actually surprised that no ice shards killed anyone. You can totally die from a icicle. I'm just saying though.

Winn kissed Kara and even when Kara said she just wanted to remain friends he didn't back down. Good for him. He shouldn't. No one has time to watch his muster up courage for 2 and a half seasons. He put his heart on the line and if she don't want it, then she has to deal with it, not him.

Lucy will now be working at CatCo and at first Jimmy wasn't on board with it. I would have first thought it's because of Kara, but since we know he doesn't have feelings for her I started to think he just wanted his space. It turns out he just wasn't as excited as she was to get the job he has now. It looks like someone misses being "Jimmy", the person out in the field taking pictures. I think he should ask for that demotion if he's really unsatisfied with his job.

Alex and Hank were working on Maxwell and trying to find out what he's really up to. Alex pushed Hank to use his powers and I must say he has better powers than Supergirl. He can basically do everything that she can do plus more. The reason why Hank rejects his alien self is because if anyone finds out about him he has to erase their memory and unlike the men in black, he can't control how much memory they lose. The world rejected him and when he came out as J'onn J'onzz and he won't allow himself to be rejected again. Hank did find out what Maxwell was up to but doesn't know what he's planning yet. Meanwhile, Maxwell now knows Alex is Supergirl's sister. What he will do with that information, I have no idea. BTW, how did he know to put a camera in Kara's apartment? You would think he would put it where Alex lives.

As for Cat, she really should get paid to give advice to Kara. She's basically her therapist and she's always on the money with her advice.

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