Sunday, March 6, 2016

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S6 E11
I never wanted Abraham and Sasha so much until now. That peace out goodbye was heartbreaking. I thought they would have been together by now, but it seems that Abraham hasn't cleaned up house yet. It's time for him to let go of Rosita. It's definitely not fair to her when you're thinking of someone else while sexing her. I'm just saying. Michonne and Rick are out about their relationship and like me they saw it coming miles away.

There seems to be other settlements, which is a very good thing, since they're no longer alone in a way. Rick's group is running low on food, and therefore, they wanted to trade with another group. The problem with this group is they have a bully, Negan, who keeps taking more and more of their food each time. Rick's group is going to do what they do best--kill their adversary. Jesus's group gets their bully off their backs and Rick's group gets food. Win-win situation right?

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