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I don't know why this didn't get released last week, but it was ready and for some reason I didn't have it set up. Anyway, consider me caught up for Tuesday. I'm hoping I can get all my shows caught up this week! Fingers crossed.

S1 E14 & E15
The day they get computers to actually think is the day the human race is in trouble. That's all I'm going to say on the subject. Turns out the crazy ex did it, which is really sad considering how deep and to what great lengths the characters were going through to solve the case.

Now onto the important stuff. Rebecca was so close to figuring out Brian was behind the coats being switched if it weren't for Sands killing him. However, this only adds to Rebecca's suspicion that Sen. Morra is up to something.

P.S. I really thought for a second that the Asian guy would be Spike. Then we would have all the colors of the rainbow. Funny part is they are still bleeping out their names.

It's Tiana!

I just had to put that in there. It's been so long since I've seen her and when I imbd her it seems she's been working. Glad I recognized her. 

Anyway back to the recap. Brian goes undercover with Tiana Lucy and ends up catching a killer who was part of a human trafficking hedge fund organization. Of course, Brian and Lucy have sex but did I get a hint of jelly on Rebecca's part? I thought I saw some gazing. Maybe it's just me.

Speaking of Rebecca, Sands did a real amateur move and tried to bribe Rebecca with money by working with Sen. Morra. She didn't take the deal and now she's even more suspicious of that Morra is using NZT.

P.S. I love how this show comes up with new ways to present cases. It's refreshing.

S1 E9, E10, & E11
Will is an ass. I can't believe he resuscitated that girl. I seriously hope he loses his license. If that means he won't be in the show anymore, then I'm okay with that. I'm glad Natalie called him out on his shit. The love is now down the drain for those two.

Poor Reese. I'm glad she got the 10/10 from the hobo and I'm glad he died in a nice comfortable bed.

Rhodes will now switch from trauma to cardio and Choi is suffering from PTSD. Man is in great shape by the way.

Will admitted he's an ass! The bad part is he kissed Natalie and she didn't cry or pull away. I'm totally not for them and think Natalie can do far better.

Did anyone else felt a moment between hockey player and Reese? I think the boy should come back to the show. Anyway, Reese decided that she doesn't want to specialize in emergencies, but instead pathology since in the emergency room, you patch them up and the patient can go back to what they were doing that landed them in the ER in the first place.

Rhodes is learning as much as he can from high Downey. He's high for a reason but still. I don't want Downey high when he's operating on me. I'm just saying.

Choi is still suffering from PTSD and needs to go to therapy. I think everyone needs therapy.

Okay I will forgive Will for resuscitating that girl because he went after those parents that didn't vaccinate their kids. I think parents that don't vaccinate their kids and either their kid or another kid gets sick because they didn't should be jailed/sued for negligence. Something that can be prevented isn't because they don't want to put things foreign in their bodies. Well then what are doing in a hospital? If you truly believed that then you wouldn't take medicine at all. I swear people sometime. 

Natalie gave Will a speech about how she isn't there yet in her life, which means there is still a chance for him which I'm pretty upset about.

April's brother is back on the screen and he still sucks as a doctor. He messed up an ear infection because the kid was allergic to a certain kind of medicine. April decided that if she wanted her brother to be a good doctor she needed to write him up so he could take responsibility. I'm just waiting for April to decide to go back to school to become a doctor because her brother becoming one just makes it seem that anyone can become one.

Reese got a doctor fired from the hospital. Not really fired, but he's no longer welcomed back there for misdiagnosing his patients as of late. If your business is going under and you can't keep up, it's time to think of going to another practice. Misdiagnosing is not an option and I think Charles should go to another doctor. 

Rhodes and Choi had a bit of a confrontation, but to me, it's the same thing as not resuscitating someone. You take out his heart valve and when he starts crashing you don't revive him. Same thing except the only difference here is Rhodes actually listened to his patient unlike Will. Never mind I thought I was over what Will did and thought I could forgive him but I guess I'm not there yet (see what I did there?)

P.S. That flesh eating disease was all kinds of gross.

S1 E14, E15, & E16
Chili is out! She got fired because she asked for help too late. Boden didn't have a choice so I don't blame him However, I am glad that Chili will finally seek help. Now the big question is will Chili be back or will we get a new paramedic for the time being. I hope its Rafferty. I always hope for that girl to come back, but something tells me that young boy who shows up in Chicago Med will come back. Never really took a shine to that kid though. I'm glad she called Severide. I forgot he went through his own addiction of drugs before.

Casey is running for office. I forget what office. Something I never heard of before. It must be one of those things that I just mark my political party to because I have no idea what the job is and don't know who the hell these people are.

P.S. Jimmy got knocked the fuck out! I couldn't help but laugh.

Big up to Matt for not being a bought candidate and glad that Severide stood behind what Cruz saw. He's changed since the last time someone accused one of his friends of something.

There was a bit of a change this episode. Jimmy is the new Peter Mills and can dual in both truck and paramedics so now he's a paramedic and a new girl is on truck. It just so happens that the new girl is friends with Dawson. I'm actually glad there's another girl in the house that's a firefighter. Now I really wonder if Chili is out for good.

There seems to be another love triangle--Jimmy, Brett, and Otis. At first, I wanted Brett and Otis, but now I'm kind of rooting for Jimmy and Brett. I like Brett she deserves someone good in her life.

P.S. Did something happen between the new girl and Severide that Dawson isn't supposed to know about?

Politics makes good people do bad things. I don't like that Casey made a deal with the devils, but it creates drama. I can only hope that he goes back on his word.

So Severide and Kidd (I like the name) had a huge misunderstanding. Casey thought she was single when she was totally taken. But the good thing is now she is single and I already like her so could this be finally the girl Severide and the audience agree with as end game?

Jimmy and Brett are making a great team together. I'm guessing this is a slow build until they get together and that's exactly when Chili will be back. DRAMA! 

Finally, Mouch had his bachelor's party. Even I was scared that it would be totally lame, but I had a feeling that it would be more like The Hangover because that brother-in-law totally looked like that guy in that movie. I thought he was going to drug them all.

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