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S6 E12
I knew the win against Negan was too easy. Is Negan a girl? That would definitely change the game for me. I was expecting a man for some reason. Negan sounds like a boy's name to me. Anyway, I was kind of on Morgan's side a bit with this one, but if they didn't comply then they would have lost the element of surprise. I just don't want the team to turn into The Governor, who basically did the same thing to them except he killed people who left as well. Glad the war isn't over though.

But OMG why the hell did Carol and Maggie need to get caught? This was the first episode in a very long time that I was liking her. Her not telling the rest of the group about Morgan's pack to not kill the living, her falling for a guy (who knows the fuck why though), leaving a cookie for Sam (even though he doesn't deserve it because he basically killed him and his family & if it wasn't for Carol's talk he wouldn't had freaked out), and she didn't want Maggie in the fight because she's pregnant. Then she gets caught and I hate her all over again.

Abraham cleaned house! He broke up with Rosita, which was hilarious to be honest with Eugene just standing there afterwards, for a second I thought she was going to sleep with him, just for a second though. I can't wait until the talk Abraham has with Sasha, but with what's going down now, it'll have to wait.


Loved the song in the show and had to put it on here.

S1 E12
OMG this show is going down the crapper, which is really disappointing. Like there were times in this episode there is some serious terrible acting going on (looking at you person who plays Simon). There can be terrible shows, but even on terrible shows I still wouldn't blame the actors. I will blame some of he actors this time though.

Why is Alex hated again? I'm still trying to figure out why Ryan hates that Alex lied on the stand. Didn't he just say to end conspiracy a few scenes before? What the fuck? Then you have the bitch Shelby, who's blaming Alex for her career fail. She slept with her boss! She has no one to blame, but herself. I don't even get why Simon is mad. The only thing I could see him blaming Alex for is letting him think it was okay for him to release the trigger, but I don't even think that's why he's mad so I don't really know. Like seriously what is going on with this show?

The twins were interrogating Miranda's son and Raina is the only one that got him to talk and is following up on the lead without her sister knowing. Can I say that was a total 180 that kid did. Oh let's bond about how people judge us on stereotypes because that will make me feel safer and therefore I will disclose my info to you? Again, what the fuck?

Natalie is the only one I'm starting to actually like and she may die soon because she has a bomb strapped to her chest.

Caleb and Shelby may be teaming up to save her fake sister and the person behind her having a fake sister will probably be one of her parents because one of them is still alive after the plan crash and wanted to play dead because their business was corrupt and this was the only way to hold onto their money and the only way to get access to their funds was to hire a woman to fake being Shelby's sister. Let's be honest here, this isn't far fetched with this show and that's really sad to admit.

I did however like the lesson of the week with the new team joining our current group. Some people don't like it but I do. It's not like the current team is that likable these days. Maybe we'll like some of the new characters.

I really hate to see this show fall any farther than it has, but it really needs to start making some fucking sense.

P.S. I'm pretty sure Shelby is the villain. That was totally a girl's voice.
P.P.S. Who the fuck is Duncan?

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