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Okay I'm starting to really hate myself. I thought I released this and it's sitting in my draft. Consider me caught up. I thought I would make it back in time from work to write the rest out, but that didn't happen.

S1 E11 & E12
It's so good to have Blindspot back. I forgot how good it was. So Jane really is Taylor Shaw and she did in fact do this to herself. Can we start calling her Taylor now or is she forever dubbed Jane? How about Jane Shaw? We'll figure it out later. For consistency of this post I'll just keep it to Jane for now until the show starts calling her by her actual name.

The tattoo of the week led the team to a a missing plane and of course terrorists got their hands on the plan and were planing on disarming the US's GPS and our team had to stop them, which of course they did. While I think it's impossible at the angle that they were coming in that they would be able to land safely, I'll let it slide because it was exciting and it helped prove to the douchbag that Patterson is vital to the team. Man did that dude suck balls. He really is gunning for Mayfair's job.

In the end, what I said in my review was spot on. I predicted correctly and that's always a win for me. Jane will have to decide which team she'll help, which will be very interesting to see because we, the viewers, don't know if Taylor Shaw is a good guy or a "good guy" as in they think they're good and doing a good thing but they're actually just fucking people over. We'll have to wait and see and I can' wait. Bring on the next episode!

Tattoo of the week led out team to a crazy militia that was experimenting on soldiers to make the ultimate soldier. Of course, our team stopped it, but sadly Weller killed the drugged soldier before he killed Jane. I agree with Jane I don't think he should have died, but if she wanted to stop him, she should have mentioned his mother before the fight even began. The good thing about him being drugged again is he wouldn't remember Jane lying to him.

Jane is starting to doubt if the FBI are the good guys. I don't agree that everything is black and white like Weller said and I'm hoping that his talk with his father made him realize that things aren't always what they seem--his father wanted to commit suicide (really sad but well acted scene). I'm guessing Jane switching the pens was a trust test (or maybe there really was something to the pen), either way she's in for it now. And it turns out she was in Orion as well, but she died. Is Jane a super soldier? That would make a lot of sense.

P.S. Loved what Mayfair said to Patterson about when it catches up to her, and it will catch up to her, it will only hurt more.
P.P.S. Reade is dating Weller's sister. He's a dead man.

S1 E14 & E15
Supergirl was hating hard last week. She was hating on her new coworker and she was hating really hard on Hank. Poor Hank. He didn't kill Astra, but Supergirl thinks he did. Eventually, Alex is going to crack and blurt out the truth. Kara will be mad for a bit and then get over it because she's her sister. I would like this storyline to go another way, something different perhaps, but for now that's where I see it going.

Jimmy Olsen wants to come clean to Lucy about Kara being Supergirl and I have got some news for Jimmy. Telling her that Kara is Supergirl will not fix his relationship with her, it will only make matters worse, especially if she already figured out Kara has/had a crush on Jimmy. Girl isn't stupid, which is why I like her so much.

As for the lesson of the week, justice is justice and everyone deserves it even if you know they are guilty, which tide into the villain of the week who was executing escapees from Fort Rozz.

I love how when Supergirl knew Hank killed her aunt she didn't even want to be around him, but when she finally finds out her sister actually killed her, she gives her a great big old hug. Hero's sometimes make no sense. We all knew the forgiveness was coming, but I wish they went the different route just to see what would happen. And it also wouldn't have made Supergirl look like a hypocrite.

Kara figured out she needs to DEO just as much as they need her. Stronger together people, just in case you missed it the first few times they mentioned it throughout this episode.

Apparently, Jimmy is in love with Kara and Kara is in love with Jimmy. Hope Lucy doesn't go anywhere. I don't know about you, but I am totally not rooting for this couple. Winn on the other hand, I am rooting for. Who knew Assistant #1 would turn out to be someone I like.

P.S. Wasn't it great to see 2 Supergirls in the same episode? Would have been even awesomer if we saw 3, if you know what I mean. I'm glad she's not dead.
P.P.S. Wasn't it super awesome to see the fort?

S3 E15, E16, E17
Privatization is not always a good thing. For Justina to use charter schools as an example was horrible. charter schools are still public and if they don't meet their requirements the government can shut them down. If you privatize adoption, how would that fix the current problem of kids not speaking up about their bad homes? And even if a kid did speak up, then the government would have to get evidence and then sue. It's not as easy as Justina makes it out, but that's for Callie to figure out.

Speaking of Callie, she's moving forward with AJ, which is just horrible since they still have no chemistry whatsoever. Brandon is also moving forward with the mom, but as discovered in this episode, it's not so easy taking care of a kid. A kid is basically taking care of another kid.

I guess everyone is starting to date other people because Mariana finally went on a date with that jerk, who almost killed them in a street race. That guy is nothing but trouble. Go back to Mat, Mariana. Jesus also went on a date with Lexi and all I have to say to that is #whothefuckcares. I understood that Jesus was curious about his father, but when he wants nothing to do with you, I say move on.

As for the parents, Stef is recuperating from her surgery and everything went well. Stef and Lena are still good.

Monte you are dead to me. It's one thing to try to get with the VP especially when there were mixed signals (that are no longer mixed anymore), but to kiss a high schooler, it's on bitch. That's definitely a line you do not cross and I can't believe she crossed. I mean I was thinking that this storyline might happen, but I tossed it aside because Monte has problems with boundaries, but I didn't think that extended to age. And I don't think the girl is lying either. She has no reason to lie since Monte has been helping her with her school project. I think it's time for Lena to become principal.

As for Stef, she's having issues handling her anger because of her mastectomy and it looks like Jesus is having the same problem because of his father not wanting anything to do with him, but they'll get over it eventually. I don't know if Gabe will serve a bigger role in the show because of he's a registered sex offender and his kids are younger than 18 and I don't think it can be expunged because he already served the time, so I don't see how, but you never know with this show. Maybe I'm missing something.

I have to say as much as the douche is in fact a douche, him and Mariana have more chemistry together than Brandon's or Callie's new love interests. I really thought the argument against Romeo & Juliet was really stupid. It was called a stupid play so I was saying to myself that if she thinks it's stupid than why would you think teenagers would follow it. Let's admit it, Romeo and Juliet were both stupid with what they did. Oh let me drink this and act like it killed me and not tell you about my plan. It is stupid, but I don't think there is a correlation with kids committing suicide because they read Romeo & Juliet. Just like I don't think games make people violent. If games or even plays makes you hurt someone or yourself than you were messed up before you even picked up the controller or book. So I'm glad that show will go on.

I can totally feel the heat coming from the previous post. I wast steamed about the Monte kiss, but it turns out it wasn't Monte at all. I didn't even consider the fact that the girl could actually be gay. I'm ashamed at myself and I apologize to the fake character Monte.

It was Mariana's and Jesus's birthday and dang if I had a party like that for my birthday when I was younger I would have been legendary. Mariana is trying to get Gabe off the sex offender list so he can reconnect with Jesus and her. I guess Ana seeing Gabe made her think of the journey not taking and she ended up getting high. Hopefully, she gets back on track.

Brandon and Callie are just horrible people when you think about. I get that they can't be together, but no one wants to be 2nd either. I mean it speaks volume when they both meet with their boyfriend/girlfriend and they can clearly tell something is up between the 2 that there is unresolved feelings still lingering. How in the world does no one in the family not see it when 2 strangers can see it as clear as day? This will be a slow kill.

Poor Jude. I mean the fact that he didn't know that basically every kid learns about sex through porn just screams to me that he's either way behind or too innocent. If he was shocked about his search on porn, then he should definitely not see my searches (whatever you're thinking I'm not that kinky).

S2 E12, E13, E14
I heard that Michael would be back in the picture, but I didn't know the extent or even how it could possibly happen especially because he kept his distance from Jane, but now it make sense. But what doesn't make sense is why we are going in circles with this relationship. If Michael and Jane are end game, then just let them be together no more other people coming in the mix anymore. I honestly don't care who she ends up with anymore, whether it be Michael or Rafael, but please let her choose and stick with it. I'm glad she shut the door on Rafael. It has to be like that sometimes. It's the only way to truly get over someone (when you know there's no way it could happen). Close the door and don't look back Rafael.

So Jane couldn't lose her virginity because it wasn't with the right guy and she needs her first time to be with the right man. Even though Alba didn't save herself for marriage (say what?), she wanted Jane to, but I'm glad she told Jane that if she did, she wouldn't judge her. Now Jane might possibly have her first time with Michael now that Rose is out of the picture and can no longer hurt Jane or Mateo. But with this show, it's never that easy. And how will Rafael react when he finds out?

As I said before, I knew Xo and Rogelio would break up. There is no compromise when it comes to wanting kids or not.

Petra and Jane being friends was everything I hoped it to be. They are friends with the fakeness and I love it. I hope we see more of them in the future.

As for Luisa, maybe she won't forgive herself over what happened to Rose, but then come to realize that she cared more about the detective getting shot than her ex dying. One can only hope. But I'm really going to miss Rose and Luisa's epic love story. I can't believe Mutter killed her own step daughter. Then again Rose killed her husband. This family is fucked.

P.S. What was on the disc was not so bad. Rafael being a gigolo is actually not surprising to me.

"I've never met J.Lo" has never sounded so scary in my life before. I totally forgot about Rogelio's stalker in the last recap, but man is that bitch scary. I'm thinking Misery is about to happen to Rogelio.

So Jane and Michael are officially back on and Rafael hates it, but can't stop it from happening. He went directly to Petra when he was told it would be happening and thankfully Petra knew what he was doing and finally realized how much she was worth.

Rogelio and Xo officially broke up this time and in a way, Jane did chose to comfort Xiomara instead of Rogelio and that hurt him. It's hard to choose, but like Rogelio said, when you choose, you have to commit.

As for Lusia, she needs to go back to rehab and when she gets out, Barnett will finally take her out. Sadly, this means we won't being seeing Luisa for a while. Sigh, I wish she had a bigger role on the show.

I think this episode would have been dubbed a filler for me if it wasn't for Petra giving birth to the Frozen twins. I admit, I still have yet to watch that movie. The shame. So Jane deals with the fact that she chose Rafael over Michael at one point. She really shouldn't regret those times. There was a reason she did it and I'm glad Petra was the one to make her see that.

Xo finds out that her mother wasn't a virgin before getting married and she was pissed that her mother was such a hypocrite, but they make up in the end and Xo was inspired to invite Alba's lost love, who apprently has really bad luck. But no one has as much bad luck as Rogelio who is still kidnapped and no one knows about it.

Rafael was sexing up anyone women he met, but now he's focusing all his energy in capturing his mother by searching for his half-brother, who is supposedly also not a good guy.

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