Monday, December 21, 2015

Blindspot Midseason 1 Finale Review

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Finally, I get time to write this one out. I'm late on congratulating Blindspot for not waiting forever and a day to get their leads to share a kiss. They are already a thousand miles ahead of Bones and Castle in that department.

We had a typical Russian spies as the bad guys for the tattoo of the week, but I guess David, Patterson's dead boyfriend, is what made this episode so special. He got killed and Patterson was driven to find his killer, which led them to the Russians, which led to some Russian spies dying. Patterson made Jane realize that when you have something special you shouldn't waste time not being with that person because before you know it he's gone. This made Jane go to Weller's apartment and kiss him.

While floating back to her house she was kidnapped by that director jerk of the CIA. Waterboarding is not cool people. Torture doesn't work for this reason. If they don't know anything, then they'll just lie until the person stops hurting them. Anyway, the director gets killed by tattoo tree guy. He shows a video to Jane and it's a message from herself. Old Jane tells clueless Jane that she did this to herself--the plan, the memories, and the tattoo. Apparently, everything is going according to plan, but I don't believe her. I don't think she counted on herself falling for Weller. Anyway, the tattoo tree guy's name is Oscar and she can trust him. I'm guessing because they used to be engaged at one point has something to do with it.

In other news, Zapata wrote her resignation, but she can just take that back because the director is dead. I'm glad she didn't bug Jane. I mean, she sold her out in the beginning, but at least we know she's a true ally now. I'm still questioning Reade.

Where do I think we'll go from here? Well, I don't want them to up and forget about the kiss and act like it didn't happen, but I'm pretty sure Jane is going to have other things on her mind like why she did this to herself. But I do smell a love triangle coming our way. I just hope it's a good love triangle. Zapata isn't going anywhere and Patterson will be more dedicated to her work more than ever now. Maybe, Reade will stop being an ass. One can only hope. Not that Mayfair is the only person left who know about Orion, she doesn't have to worry anymore, so that story is now over.

Great 1st half of the season and I can't wait for more. This is probably the best new show for me this fall.

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P.S. I really liked this song at the end of the episode and I thought this review deserved a twist to the usual for being so late.

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